Is RMD still married to Jumobi Adegbesan?

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Is RMD still married to Jumobi Adegbesan?

RMD, who recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary, opened up on his marriage on Instagram. For over two decades, Nigerians have been itching to know why Jumobi Adegbesan, the popular AIT presenter, quit her career following her marriage to Nollywood star, Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD).

How old is Jumobi RMD?

Birthday. Jumobi was born on the 27th of January 1972. She celebrated her 45th birthday early this year and her husband was on hand to thoroughly celebrate her with a romantic post and some pictures on social media.

Which tribe is RMD?

Where is RMD from in Nigeria? Mofe-Damijo is a native of Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, Delta State. What tribe is RMD? He is an Urhobo man, despite having an Itsekiri name.

Who was RMD’s first wife?

May Ellen Mofe-Damijo.

Where is RMD from in Nigeria?

Aladja, NigeriaRichard Mofe-Damijo / Place of birthAladja is a coastal town in Delta State, Nigeria. It is located on the bank of southern part of River Warri. The majority of the people are of Udu, a sub-group of Urhobo ethnic group. Wikipedia

How old is MOFE?

61 years (July 6, 1961)Richard Mofe-Damijo / Age

Where is RMD father from?

Aladja, Delta, Nigeria

Richard Mofe-Damijo
Born Richard Mofe-Damijo 6 July 1961 Aladja, Delta, Nigeria
Occupation Actor, former Politician
Years active 1980s-present
Spouse(s) MEE Mofe-Damijo Jumobi Adegbesan

Is RMD Itsekiri or Urhobo?

born 6 of July 1961. The Award winning actor clocks 56 today and KFB brings you 10 things you didn’t know about RMD as he clocks 56 today! He was born in Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, near Warri, Delta State. Although he bears an Itsekiri name, he is an Urhobo man.

Is Nigerian actor RMD married?

Jumobi Adegbesanm. 2000May Ellen Ezekielm.?–1996
Richard Mofe-Damijo/Spouse

Where is Ramsey Nouah from?

Edo, NigeriaRamsey Nouah / Place of birth

Is RMD Urhobo?

Richard Mofe-Damijo, Nollywood veteran actor wey many sabi as RMD, get some unknown facts about him. 60 years ago today July 6, 1961] na im dem born Richard Eyimofe Evans Mofe-Damijo as Urhobo man for Delta state, southern Nigeria.

Who is RMD married to?

Was RMD married before?

Who is the richest Nollywood in Nigeria?

Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actors 2022

Rank Actor Networth
1 Genevieve Nnaji $15 million
2 Funke Akindele $11 million
3 Mercy Johnson Okojie $9 million
4 Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) $5.8 million

Is RMD an Urhobo?

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