Is PNC Virtual Wallet worth it?

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Is PNC Virtual Wallet worth it?

The Final Verdict It can make it much easier to track your money and save for goals. However, the account does have flaws, such as hefty ATM fees and poor interest rates on the Growth account. If you want to bank with PNC, the Virtual Wallet is a good choice of account.

Is PNC Virtual Wallet a real checking account?

Checking at PNC is Virtual Wallet. In today’s world, you need more than just a checking account. Virtual Wallet starts with Spend, which is a checking account, and digital tools to help you manage your money and stay on track. To best meet your needs, we have three levels of Spend to choose from.

Is PNC a trustworthy bank?

PNC Bank’s rating is a B+, better than Wells Fargo or TD Bank, but it too gets low marks for its fees and customer satisfaction. The banks above are worth considering, but they’re not your only options. The best banks for you are the ones that offer what you need from a financial services company.

What are the reviews on PNC Bank?

Customer satisfaction: PNC holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 3.6/5 user score. Overall, PNC offers personal loans with very attractive rates, though it’s a bit difficult to get some information on those loans.

Is PNC better than bank of America?

PNC Bank has 2,300 branches in 26 states mostly on the East. Checking accounts offer a unique Virtual Wallet feature with financial tools to help achieve goals….PNC Bank vs Bank of America.

PNC Bank Bank of America
PNC Bank Bank of America
18,000 ATMs across 37 states and the District of Columbia Approximately 17,000 ATMs
0.01% – 0.03% APY

What is danger day PNC?

Virtual Wallet already includes Overdraft Protection along with the calendar’s “Danger Days” indicator, which warns customers of days when they might be at risk of an account overdraw. Last year, Virtual Wallet Student was introduced to help college students and their parents with money management.

Has PNC ever been hacked?

Pittsburgh, PA-based PNC Financial Services says that only former National City Bank debit accounts were compromised in a system wide breach. National City Bank, based in Cleveland, OH was acquired by the $270 billion asset PNC in December 2008.

Can you overdraft with PNC Virtual Wallet?

With Virtual Wallet, if you overdraw your Spend account, PNC will transfer available funds from your Reserve and/or Growth accounts to cover your transaction. Please note that Overdraft Protection is not available for your Reserve and Growth accounts.

Will PNC close my account?

Note: For your security, if you do not close out the window that displays your full account and routing number within 15 minutes, it will automatically close.

Is PNC a popular bank?

The product of a 1983 merger between Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation, PNC Financial Services is among the top banks in the U.S. due to its specialized perks and services to customers. It’s also one of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the country.

Is PNC on venmo?

Link your PNC accounts to Venmo In order to provide Venmo with your account information, you can manually add a bank account or card by following these steps: Obtain your account number and routing number from a check or via Online Banking. For more information on finding your routing number ยป

Is PNC Bank being hacked?

PNC Bank Warns 5 Million Customers It Might Have Been Hacked Last week it was Citibank, and now it seems hackers have taken aim at PNC Bank. The bank has sent a message to some five million customers warning of a possible cyber attack, the AP is reporting.

Is PNC virtual wallet like a debit card?

PNC Virtual Wallet Checking Pro with Spend. The Virtual Wallet Checking Pro with Spend account is an online checking account in your virtual wallet. Like the high yield saving account, this account has no minimum deposit requirements and no fees. It comes with a debit card and access to over 18,000 ATMs nationwide

What is the growth account on PNC virtual wallet?

Tools to Help You Manage Your Money. Take control of your account when your balance is low.

  • It Starts With a Checking Account. In Virtual Wallet,your primary checking account is called Spend.
  • Accounts for Saving,Planning and Protection. Bundling checking and savings together creates one powerful solution.
  • Is PNC virtual wallet checking or savings account?

    The PNC Virtual Wallet is a highly unique bank account that combines a checking account and savings account into one. That means the account is a one-stop shop for your daily financial needs. It can make it much easier to track your money and save for goals.

    Does PNC offer free checking?

    PNC Bank had been one of the few large banks that had a free checking account with no monthly service fees regardless of balance, direct deposit or use of tellers. That will be ending. On Monday PNC announced that it will be phasing out free checking. Customers will have plenty of time for this change. Who has the best checking account for seniors?