Is Phase Eight a UK brand?

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Is Phase Eight a UK brand?

Phase Eight is a British women’s wear clothing brand.

Are Phase Eight still trading? is open too, with delivery services running as normal. Click & Collect is available from our stores that have reopened.

Who is Phase 8 aimed?

Brand strategy Phase Eight is aimed primarily at ABC1 women aged 35 to 55.

Who is the CEO of Phase Eight?

Simon Rider –
Simon Rider – CEO – Phase Eight | LinkedIn.

Are Hobbs and Phase Eight owned by same company?

TFG London is part of The Foschini Group Limited (TFG), a leading South African retail business. TFG entered the UK market in 2015 with the acquisition of Phase Eight and we have now added Whistles, Hobbs and Damsel in a Dress to our impressive portfolio of the most successful, premium womenswear brands in the UK.

Are Hobbs and Phase Eight the same company?

How many stores does Phase Eight have?

Phase Eight as we know today has already conquered the fashion world with 430 stores and concessions globally throughout 17 countries across the globe.

Who owns the TFG group?

In March 2016, TFG acquired the British chain Whistles with its 46 retail shops. In 2017, the company acquired Australian retail company Retail Apparel Group from Navis Capital Partners….Foschini Group.

Type Public
Revenue R 34.1 billion
Number of employees 29,121 (2019)

What companies fall under TFG?

Its subsidiary, Foschini Retail Group Proprietary Limited, trades as the following retail brands @home, @homelivingspace, American Swiss, Charles and Keith, Collette, Donna, DueSouth, Exact, Fabiani, Foschini, G-Star, Hi, Markham, sportscene, Sterns, The FIX, Totalsports and TFG Insurance; selling clothing, jewellery.

Who owns Hobbs?

Bloomingd…Foschini Group
Hobbs Ltd/Parent organizations

What are the 22 TFG brands?

Who is the owner of TFG?

Michael Lewis
During the course of 2020, TFG acquired the chain of Jet stores from an ailing Edcon, further expanding their footprint as a retail conglomerate….Foschini Group.

Type Public
Key people Michael Lewis (chairman) Anthony Thunström (Chief executive officer)
Revenue R 34.1 billion
Number of employees 29,121 (2019)

What type of company is TFG?

independent chain-store groups
TFG is one of the foremost independent chain-store groups in South Africa and has a diverse portfolio of 29 leading fashion retail brands.

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