Is MyBookLive a NAS drive?

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Is MyBookLive a NAS drive?

The My Book Live NAS devices are local disk storage boxes with Internet access. They were rebranded MyCloud a back in 2014. WD released its final firmware for the Linux-powered My Book systems in 2015.

What is MyBookLive?

WD’s My Book Live home network drive allows you to consolidate your media in one central location for everyone on your wired or wireless network to access and enjoy. Automatically back up your PC and Mac computers to one safe place and stream your media to your entertainment center.

What is the difference between WD my book and my Cloud?

The WD My Cloud has compatibility with both Windows and Mac computers, while the WD My Book will require re-formatting to work with a Mac. When it comes to software WD My Cloud has software to automatically sync and backup photos from your phone, tablet and computer – creating your own personal cloud.

What is the difference between MyBook and MyCloud?

My Cloud is accessible when you computer is down. MyBook is not. On the right network configuration, the MyCloud read/write performance is close but lower than USB3.0 (about 60MB/s) Different products for different use cases.

Should I buy my book or my Cloud?

If you cannot afford My Cloud and My Book is in your range – take it. It is simple and good disk. I liked it. Read speed was about 90MB/s (I do not remember for sure, but it was reported in some reviews, that it is a little faster than My Cloud, but both are probably the fastes in this price and volume range).

What happens if one disk dies in my Cloud?

If one disk dies, however, the other disk contains all the data necessary. With My Cloud, you have 3 models. My Cloud comes with one disk, but the possibility to mirror the content to an attached USB disk, You also have My Cloud Mirror that comes preconfigured as Raid1, but you can change to Raid0. My Cloud EX2 similarly.

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