Is Monster Cable out of business?

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Is Monster Cable out of business?

Monster Cable appears to have died. If you go to their website you get a notice no one is home. With a little further investigation you find that link is from Shopify, an online store service unrelated to them*. The URL doesn’t go anywhere yet it is still owned by the company.

Are Monster cables any good?

Excellent 12 gauge speaker wire; the original Monster Cable is the best speaker wire ever. It is much better than the current speaker wire that Monster makes with the magnetic tube (Monster Platinum Black) that has 16 gauge wire.

Do Monster cables have a lifetime warranty?

In fact, we guarantee it. Monster® has always guaranteed that if any cable does not work over its lifetime, it will be replaced at no charge.

How do I contact Monster Cable?

Call 1-800-MONSTER (1-800-666-7837) and talk to a Customer Service Representative.

Is Monster and Beats the same company?

2012 Monster reports sales of $1 billion, primarily driven by Beats headphones. The company changes its name to Monster Inc. 2014 Apple buys Beats for $3.2 billion. Monster sees nothing from the deal.

Are Monster HDMI cables good?

The Monster HDMI cable is perhaps the best on the market! It is well constructed, durable, and exactly what you need in an HDMI cable. I have used cheaper cables, and I am confident that this one is the best that I have used. Highly recommended for those who want to buy and forget about this issue.

What gauge is Monster Cable?

12 Gauge
Monster Cable Hi-Performance (12 Gauge) Speaker Cable – 100040.

Do gold HDMI cables make a difference?

Gold-plated HDMI cables are of a higher grade, and they are better and larger conductors. They boast better shielding and are even more durable than regular HDMI cables. It is also true that gold-plated ends will not have the oxidation that may be found in regular HDMI cables.

Do Monster HDMI cables make a difference?

no, monster cables do not make a difference. Any cable that has reasonable build quality and insulation will work the same.

What is Monster Energy’s email address?

Calling us at 1-800-426-7367. Emailing us at [email protected] .

What are Monster cables used for?

Monster Cable is a company in California that manufactures high-quality cables for connecting audio and video equipment. Such equipment includes Blu-ray players, stereo receivers, and speaker systems. Their cables feature gold-plated connectors, and a lifetime warranty.

What happen to Monster and Beats?

An HTC Investment Ends Monster-Beats Partnership In August 2011, phone manufacturer HTC bought a 51% controlling stake in Beats Electronics. According to Monster, this sale was the “bona fide change in control” that Beats needed to terminate its licensing agreement with Monster.

Do Gold HDMI cables make a difference?

What gauge is Monster XPMS speaker wire?

The Monster XP MKII is an advanced 16-gauge speaker cable for hookup of speakers to stereo and surround sound home theater systems.

Do I need 4K HDMI cable for 4K TV?

When it comes down to 4K TV, you do not need to pick up special HDMI cables. The HDMI cable standard can impact color and resolution, but newer versions are not required for 4K TV.

Are gold-plated HDMI cables better?

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