Is Merlin a good bike brand?

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Is Merlin a good bike brand?

When it comes to legacy bike brands in America, Merlin definitely rates high on the list. Founded in 1986 and originally known as Merlin Metalworks, the back-then Massachusetts-based frame shop was regarded as America’s first house of titanium.

How light is a titanium bike?

Titanium road bike frames, on the other hand, weigh around 1475-1700 grams (3.25-3.75 lbs). The lightest titanium frames weigh around 1150 grams or 2.5 lbs. This is similar to a modern steel frame weight.

Where are Merlin bikes made?

Janus co-owner John Siegrist has been making Dean titanium bikes in Colorado since 1989, and Merlin bikes are now being made in the same facili- ty as Dean in Boulder’s Gunbarrel area, although the brands have separate des- ignated welders and brand management.

What happened to Merlin bikes?

For road bikes, Merlin commercialized the first titanium butted tubing and many other innovations….Merlin Metalworks, Inc.

Founded 1986 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Fate Acquired by Saucony (1998) Acquired by American Bicycle Group (2000) Brand rights acquired by Competitive Cyclist (2011)

What is a Merlin Extralight?

As of now, the Extralight is Merlin’s only road-specific offering (they have a gravel bike too). The frame is constructed with cold-worked Reynolds butted 3/2.5 oversized titanium tubes and can be ordered with rim or disc brakes. There are nine stock sizes, but you can get custom sizing at no extra charge.

How much does a Merlin Extralight titanium bike cost?

Merlin IMHO is one of the better known titanium builders of the nineties. BE A PROUD OWNER OF A CLASSIC ROAD RACING BIKE TO BE. 2014 Merlin Extralight Titanium/ SRAM Force 22 52cm No local pickup MSRP: $5500 Weight as pictured: 17lbs Standover: ~30″ Seat Tube. c-t) Effective Top Tube. TT) Stack.

Is Merlin a good titanium brand?

Merlin IMHO is one of the better known titanium builders of the nineties. BE A PROUD OWNER OF A CLASSIC ROAD RACING BIKE. MERLIN AGILIS TITANIUM BIKE- DURA ACE- MAVIC KSYRIUM SL- REYNOLDS CARBON FORK Powered by Item Description: You are bidding on one (1) Merlin Titanium Road Bike This is a No Reserve Auction!

What is the diameter of the Merlin extra light frame?

Merlin ExtraLight Frameset 3/2. Chris King Threadless Seatp ost Diameter: 27. 2 mm Here’s a beautiful titanium frameset from one of the premier Titanium Framebuilders. Merlin. Merlin was started in the 1980s and Tom Kellogg was their chief designers back when this frameset was producted. This frameset features 3/2. 5 Titanium.

Are Merlin Road bikes good?

The Merlin Extralight is the pinnacle of titanium road racing bikes. Light, beautiful, and extremely comfortable, this has been the top of the brands historic lineup for decades. The Merlin Extralight truly lives up to its name, offering a dynamic riding experience with a light, strong, and nimble frame.