Is May a good month for Alaska cruise?

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Is May a good month for Alaska cruise?

Advantages of Visiting Alaska in May May is part of the spring shoulder season and sees fewer visitors than later in the year, so you should be able to find better travel deals and lower cruise prices. For wildlife spotters, May offers migratory songbirds, pods of gray whales and herds of moose.

Are Alaskan cruises cold in May?

Alaska Cruise Weather in May While it can be freezing cold at times, the weather can also be pleasantly cool. The low temperatures typically range from the mid-thirties to the low forties Fahrenheit, but the highs can get up to the upper fifties.

Can you see the Northern Lights in May in Alaska?

Yes, you can see the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, from Anchorage – but not in the summer. The aurora actually occurs all year long, but the sky needs to be clear and dark to see it. Views are best from September to April.

Is it rainy in May in Alaska?

May is one of the driest months in Alaska. Sometimes there is a slightly higher chance of rain than in June and July, with a small chance of snow earlier in the month. The average amount of rainy days is below: Arctic Fairbanks area – 4 days.

Can you see northern lights in Alaska in May?

Is it better to visit Alaska in May or September?

May is one of the driest months and an optimal one to view wildlife awakening, with lots of babies being born, spring migrations ramping up, snow melting and the landscape budding. Land tours are beginning but National Parks in Alaska’s interior are still closed.

What is the weather like in May in Alaska?

Alaska Weather in May: Coastal temperature in Alaska in May: 40-55 degrees & 16 hours of daylight. Interior temperature in Alaska in May: 30-55 degrees & 18 hours of daylight. Arctic temperature in Alaska in May: 15-24 degrees & 22 hours of daylight.

What’s Alaska like in May?

In May, temperatures in Alaska range from an average low of 40°F (4°C) to an average high of 55°F (13°C). Heat wave! It’s clear about 50% of days on average and while there might be a late season snow or rainy day, May is a good month to visit Alaska based on the weather.

Will I see whales in Alaska in May?

Gray whales are the first to arrive, typically in April when they’re often spotted off of Seward. By May, we start to see more orcas, then humpback whales come June. Alaska’s peak whale season is considered to be May through September, and it’s during this time that the boat tours operate.

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