Is Master Race Dark Knight 3 good?

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Is Master Race Dark Knight 3 good?

Dark Knight III The Master Race will not go down as one of the best or even one of the greats, but it is still a decent book and worth the read as there’s plenty of bang for your buck. Plus, it’s a bit of change from New 52/Rebirth Batman to keep things fresh.

What happens after the Dark Knight Returns?

Legendary creator Frank Miller is revisiting his Dark Knight Returns universe once again. DC Comics announced a new sequel called Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. The Golden Child is a direct followup to The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

Who wrote Batman?

Bob KaneBill Finger

How old is Batman in The Dark Knight Returns?

Plot. The Dark Knight Returns is set in a dystopian version of Gotham City in 1986. Bruce Wayne, aged 55, has given up the mantle of Batman after the death of Jason Todd ten years prior.

Is the Dark Knight 3 the master race?

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race is the third part of Miller’s “Dark Knight” trilogy, completing what he began in The Dark Knight Returns and the less-than-well-received The Dark Knight Strikes Again. The first part in the trilogy remained fairly grounded in its approach to a futuristic Batman, and its sequel dabbled with high-concept sci-fi.

Will there be a Dark Knight 3?

In his first sequel to The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller produced one of the most reviled superhero comics of the 2000s. And yet, last year DC Comics brought him back for a third installment, provocatively titled The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

What is the setting of the Dark Knight Returns?

In 1986, DC Comics released The Dark Knight Returns, by Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley. It took place in a near-futuristic Gotham City, ten years after the retirement of the Batman. In the future, criminal gangs rule the streets, and Bruce Wayne is a broken and jaded man.