Is Llanelli a good place to live?

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Is Llanelli a good place to live?

In only June, 2020, 102 crimes were committed in Tyisha and the area had the highest crime rate in the Llanelli Town area. The majority of crimes were categorised under violence, anti-social behaviour, theft and drug-related offences.

What is Llanelli famous for?

The town of Llanelli is home to the world famous Llanelli Scarlets Rugby Region and has a population of some 35,000 people. The Town is situated in the south eastern corner of Carmarthenshire in south west Wales some twelve miles west of the City of Swansea.

Why is Llanelli called Llanelli?

Spelling. The anglicised spelling “Llanelly” was used until 1966, when it was changed to Llanelli after a local public campaign. It remains in the name of a local historic building, Llanelly House.

What is Llanelli English?

Llanelli in American English (lɑˈnɛli ) seaport in Dyfed, SW Wales: district pop.

Does Llanelli have a beach?

Pembrey Beach – Llanelli (Cefn Sidan) Pembrey is a long, wide, unspoilt, sandy beach, backed by sand dunes, stretching for approximately 8 miles. It lies within Pembrey Country Park and offers views across Carmarthen Bay to the hilly coastline on the other side.

How safe is Llanelli?

Crime and Safety in Llanelli. Llanelli is the most dangerous medium-sized towns in Dyfed, and is among the top 5 most dangerous overall out of Dyfed’s 199 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Llanelli in 2021 was 140 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is it wise to move to Wales?

Is Wales a good place to live? Yes. If you’re looking for more access to nature, stunning views, a warm sense of community and vibrant local culture, then Wales is for you.

Where is the best place to live in Swansea?

The Best Areas & Suburbs To Live In Swansea, Wales

  1. Derwen Fawr – ideal school catchment area.
  2. The Mumbles – seaside perfection.
  3. Parkmill – rural retirement perfection.
  4. Uplands – an up-and-coming suburb.
  5. Llanmadoc – peace and quiet in North Gower.
  6. Murton – on the doorstep of Bishopston School.
  7. Newton – Mumbles lite.

Can you swim in Llanelli?

The beach is particularly popular for activities such as swimming, and watersports, and its length and width make it an excellent place for visitors to stretch their legs between the ocean and the forested country park.

Can dogs go on Llanelli beach?

friendly Millennium Coastal Park, Llanelli beach has no restrictions on dogs at any time of the year. With a range of things to do, this area is a great place to pass away the time with your dog, whether it be on the park itself or at the beach.

What is LL in Welsh called?

In Welsh, ⟨ll⟩ stands for a voiceless alveolar lateral fricative sound (IPA: [ɬ]).

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