Is it correct to say We have not received?

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Is it correct to say We have not received?

Both of these phrases are correct; “I did not receive” is in the past tense, while “I have not received” is in the present perfect.

Have not received or yet to receive?

Senior Member. In ordinary speech we’d more likely say ‘have not yet received’. The expression ‘are yet to receive’ is characteristic of business letters. But in a business letter, the two sound equally good.

Have yet to receive or received?

The sentence: “I am yet to receive” is grammatically incorrect because you want to say: “I have yet to receive his reply” You could also say: “I am not yet in receipt of his ….” “I have not received his reply as yet.” This sentence is grammatically correct too.?

How do you say have not received?

“I haven’t received it” is a grammatically correct sentence….You can also say or write it in these ways:

  1. I have not received it.
  2. I haven’t received it.
  3. I’m yet to receive it. ( It indicates that in future I will receive it, but I have not received it yet.)

What is not yet received or has not been received yet?

“Not yet received” is how people would typically say it, yet “not received yet” is technically correct!

How do you say you haven’t received an email?

I apologize for emailing again, but I have not received a reply to my email beneath. I will appreciate hearing from you. Please let me know if you require more time….

  1. Quite agree.
  2. “I will appreciate” is not good.
  3. @CodeSeeker Interesting.
  4. @QuiteNotSerious unfortunately, that runs into a bigger pit.

Is yet to receive or has yet to receive?

You want has yet to receive because it means “has not received up to this point.” Is yet to receive does not make sense. In written English, both are recorded and, I believe, both are acceptable.

How do you use have yet?

It refers to an event that has not occurred so far but that might occur in the future. For example, (1) means that the speaker has not eaten dinner but will possibly do so at some point in the future: 1) I have yet to eat dinner.

Did not received yet?

I see a few people have indicated that ‘did not receive’ is correct, which it would be, had the word ‘yet’ been missing. ‘Did not’ indicates past tense while ‘yet’ is used for the present tense, which is why ‘I didn’t receive the item yet’ is grammatically correct, although it sounds better than ‘I didn’t received…’

Is not yet received meaning?

It means I haven’t received the parcel yet. ‘it’ replaces the parcel.

Is not yet or has not yet?

In most contexts you could use either expression. As English says, both are grammatically correct and natural. A quick search shows that “He is / He’s not here yet” has about three times as many hits as “He has / He hasn’t come yet”, which doesn’t surprise me, but searches don’t mean everything.

What does not yet received mean?

“I have yet to receive” implies that the thing you have not yet recieved was expected by now. For example, if you order a book from amazon, and the delivery date they give you is the 20th. On the 19th, you might say “I have not yet received my book. It is supposed to be here tomorrow.

Which is correct is yet or has yet?

Using ‘has yet’ is correct over ‘is yet’ and here’s why: verbs. First, try using the collective form of the verb ‘to be. ‘ Instead of one ‘decision,’ phrase the sentence for two ‘decisions’ and see which one sounds better.. The decisions have yet to be made.

Are yet or have yet?

The perfect “have” is more common because they “have” not yet made the arrest (in your example) and that implies the situation at the present time. The present “are” is correct, just less common and some people may think it is wrong, though it is correct, just strange.

How do I say I haven’t received an email?

I apologize for emailing again, but I have not received a reply to my email beneath. I will appreciate hearing from you. Please let me know if you require more time.

Where do we use yet?

Yet used with the present perfect means ‘at any time up to now’. We use it to emphasise that we expect something to happen soon. Yet (in this context) is only used in negative sentences and questions.

Is yet or has yet?

Have not been received yet meaning?

This is a sentence which gives hope. They are yet to receive any money. Here it means it is many days now but they haven’t got anything, not even a fraction of the total. This is most likely heading towards a non payment.

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