Is Hi-Tec still around?

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Is Hi-Tec still around?

NOW. Hi-Tec continues its mission of enabling the world to to get outside and experience a new view. In 2024 Hi-Tec will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary.

Where are Hi-Tec shoes made?

Hi-Tec, which has been producing its footwear exclusively in China until now, purchased the factory so that the company could provide “made-in-the-U.S.A. footwear” and give it an opportunity to compete for lucrative military and government footwear contracts.

Who owns Hi-Tec?

Cherokee Inc.
Hi-Tec Sports, trading as Hi-Tec, is a privately held producer and distributor of sportswear and accessories, headquartered in the Netherlands….Hi-Tec.

Type Subsidiary
Revenue $250USD million
Number of employees 500
Parent Cherokee Inc.

What is high tech drug?

Official answer. by PAR and Hi-Tech are pharmaceutical manufacturers. They both manufacture promethazine with codeine syrup so the only real significant difference is the taste and colour. PAR promethazine with codeine is a purple syrup and Hi-Tech promethazine with codeine is a red syrup.

What is the difference between low tech and high-tech?

Low-tech is technology that is designed to be simple to use and make. High-tech, on the other hand, is modern technology that uses advanced features. It includes items and devices such as the internet, computers, digital photography, high definition TV, etc.

Is Hi-Tec a good shoe brand?

The full leather Hi-Tec Altitude V is a good boot at a great price. The leather upper is more padded than most others, and with the high volume fit, this boot is an excellent bargain product for cold weather hiking and outdoor work. Our lead tester found these fit best with a thick winter sock.

Do Hi-Tec hiking boots run small?

Hi-Tec footwear is recognised as “TRUE TO SIZE” therefore if you are a size 8, you will fit a size 8 Hi-Tec. The size of our footwear is determined by the last and outsole unit dimensions that is used to form the shoe. We are traditionally a slightly broader fit but are very true to size.

What is high-tech drug?

What is a high-tech device?

A high-tech device is a complex electronic device that permits the storage and retrieval of messages, many of which allow the use of speech output. These can also be called Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) or Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs).

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