Is Geoip accurate?

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Is Geoip accurate?

Overview of GeoIP2 geolocation accuracy For IPs located within the U.S., we estimate around an 80% accuracy at the state/region level, and a 66% accuracy for cities (within a 50km radius of that city).

How do I trace a server location?

How Do I Find the Location of My Website’s Server?

  1. Open the Command Prompt.
  2. Type “Tracert” and the Website’s Address into the Command Prompt.
  3. Note the IP Address Next to the Website’s URL.
  4. Paste the IP Address into the Search Bar.
  5. Find the Country Location on the Information Page.

What is geoiplookup in Linux?

geoiplookup is a command line utility that can be used to find the Country that an IP address or hostname originates from. It uses the GeoIP library and database to collect the details of an IP address. Geoiplookup is available in the default repositories of most Linux operating systems.

Where can I find the default GeoIP database?

Generally, the default location of Geoip databases is /usr/share/GeoIP/. The databases might be bit outdated. You can download the latest databases that contains the updated geolocation details, from Maxmind . It is the website that offers the geolocation of an IP address. Go to geoip default database folder: Download the latest databases:

How to install geoiplookup on CentOS/RHEL?

To install geoiplookup on CentOS/RHEL, first enable EPEL repository, and then use yum command: The default installation of geoiplookup comes with GeoIP.dat database file which is located in /usr/share/GeoIP. With this database, you can look up the country information only.

How to geolocate an IP address from the command line in Linux?

In this tutorial, I am going to describe how to geolocate an IP address from the command line in Linux. The first method is to use geoiplookup tool which is a command-line client for MaxMind’s GeoIP databases. geoiplookup allows you to look up the geography or network information of an IP address (or hostname).