Is DigiDirect a GREY import?

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Is DigiDirect a GREY import?

DigiDirect do not sell grey-import products. But many other online retailers do. They ought to notify you that Canon will not service Grey Imports and that you must deal directly with the importer in the event of any problem.

What does import mean on camera?

Import generally means grey market model without a USA warranty. It means the camera or lens did not come into the US via approved channels, but was probably shipped to another country where for some reason it failed to sell and then was sent via a non-approved distributor to the US.

Can I use my old film lenses with digital cameras?

There’s another minor challenge to using old film lenses on a modern digital camera: the sensors in digital cameras have glass in front of them, but film didn’t. The glass changes the path of the light just a tiny bit, and means that lenses designed for film can’t give their best on digital cameras.

What is an ASP camera?

ASP is an abbreviation for Aspherical Lens and is used by the manufacturer Sigma, to denote lenses which contain an aspherical lens element. Please see the aspherical lens definition page for more details on this optical type.

What are gray imports?

Parallel imports (or gray market goods) refer to branded goods that are imported into a market and sold there without the trademark owner’s consent in that market.

Is digiDirect Australian Stock?… low low prices every day, don’t pay more than you have to. All Australian stock, all Australian warranties.

What does grey import camera mean?

A grey import camera is a product that was originally destined to a specific market with a lower price tag but that is then sold in a different market, below that market’s average price. By doing this the reseller pockets that price difference between the two markets, minus its operational costs.

Does import mean fake?

Parallel imported goods are genuine product and they’re brought in by individuals or businesses from overseas authorised sellers. When we’re talking about counterfeit product, it’s fake product and it’s brought in by unauthorised people.

How do you know if grey import?

One of the first indicators that a piece of merchandise might be Grey Market is if the price is considerably less than most other resellers. Additionally, a genuine product will include an Owners’ Manual and Registration card in English.

Who owns Digi Direct?

owner Shant Kradjian’s
This move represents owner Shant Kradjian’s first foray away from Australia’s eastern seaboard, and gives DigiDirect a presence in WA.

How long is DigiDirect shipping?

3-7 business days metro and 5-10 business days to outlying areas Australia-wide. Flat Rate Delivery. digiDirect’s standard shipping rate is $9.90 and $15.90 for Express shipping Australia-wide. Without exception, once delivery has been taken your order becomes your sole responsibility.

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