Is Dell coming out with a new XPS 15 in 2021?

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Is Dell coming out with a new XPS 15 in 2021?

Dell has announced the 2022 models of its 15.6-inch XPS 15 and 17-inch XPS 17 laptops, and they’re available for purchase starting today. The two devices differ from their 2021 predecessors in one way only: They’re powered by Intel’s newest 12th Gen processors.

Which is the best Dell XPS 15?

“The Dell XPS 15 is at the top of its game and remains the best 15-inch laptop you can buy.” We rated Dell’s XPS 15 (9510) as the best 15-inch laptop you could buy. It offered the best combination of an attractive, well-built thin and light chassis, solid performance, and a spectacular 3.5K OLED display.

Why is Dell XPS so good?

It’s exceptionally thin and light for its size. Its keyboard and touchpad are best-in-class. Its OLED screen is a dream to view. If you’re shopping for a Windows machine that can last all day, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Will Dell release a XPS 15 plus?

Both the Dell XPS 13 Plus and the Dell XPS 15 are powerful laptops, but the two devices have different strengths….Dell XPS 13 Plus vs. 15: Design and specs.

Dell XPS 13 Plus Dell XPS 15 (9520)

Does the Dell XPS 15 2020 overheating?

Even a high performance work-station like the Dell XPS-15 may run hot due to heavy use, but often times computers will start to overheat as a result of something malfunctioning.

Should you buy the Dell XPS 15?

The new Dell XPS 15 seeks to dethrone the Apple MacBook Pro 15 and possesses many of the traits required to do so – superb workmanship, an excellent display, and fast hardware. Unfortunately, the proud multimedia notebook comes with weaknesses as well.

What is the keyboard layout of the Dell XPS 13?

The notebook uses the American English keyboard layout and reminded us of the XPS 13. The 15 x 15 mm (0.59 x 0.59 inch) keys have a slightly concave surface and the smooth plastic surface has a nice grip. A three-way adjustable backlight (maximum, medium, and off) automatically activates when one types, allowing a user to write in the dark.

What is the screen resolution of the Dell XPS 15?

This XPS 15 still uses the 15.6-inch 1920×1080 display, yielding a high pixel density of 141 dpi. This pixel density falls between the standard density display and the Apple MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display which has an enormous 221 dpi. Dell advertises a brightness of 350 cd/m 2 for the XPS 15, a claim we could not confirm in our measurements.

What kind of speakers does the Dell XPS 15 have?

As part of the case redesign, Dell chose to use different speakers for the XPS 15. The previously-used 20-Watt 2.1 JBL sound system was replaced by typical 4-Watt built-in stereo speakers with only one-fifth of the nominal power of the previous model.

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