Is cinch a brand?

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Is cinch a brand?

Cinch jeans have stood at the forefront of the western clothing industry since their launch in 1996. As leaders in using innovative techniques to produce premium quality denim and shirts, the Cinch brand grew quickly.

Where are cinch products made?

All CINCH shirts and jeans are custom designed at CINCH Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Each piece of every garment is designed and scrutinized, creating products that are exclusive to the CINCH BRAND.

What are cinches clothing?

CINCH JEANS, the leader in premium western wear clothing since 1996. Inspired by the attitude and values of the western lifestyle, CINCH creates clothing with an adventurous, determined and confident spirit. Browse our large selection of western jeans, shirts, outerwear and accessories for men, women and boys.

Do cinch shirts shrink?

Do your cotton shirts shrink? No our cotton shirts will not shrink.

Who owns cinch western wear?

Miller International, Inc.
After the passing of Phillip Miller and his son in the 1970s, the offices and warehouse were moved to 8500 Zuni Street in north Denver, and the company name became “Miller International, Inc.” Today, based in the same location, Miller International owns, produces, and distributes five major clothing brands: Cinch.

What kind of cinch is best?

Best Mohair Western Cinch The Professionals Choice Mohair Straight Cinch is a top choice for its durable handcrafted design. This cinch is made from 27 all-natural mohair fibers that are both soft and strong, providing lasting comfort for your horse.

How do you wash a cinch shirt?

Wash the shirts on a delicate cycle, using hot water for whites and light colors and cold water for dark colors. Be sure to use a high-quality detergent. Remove the shirt promptly from the washing machine when the cycle is over before wrinkles can set in.

When was Cinch established?

July 2019
Cinch was launched back in July 2019 as a rival to Auto Trader, offering car retailers another online marketing platform on which to promote their stock for sale.

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