Is Cesar Romero still alive?

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Is Cesar Romero still alive?

January 1, 1994Cesar Romero / Date of death

Did Cesar Romero play piano?

He also played a minor role as Sinjin, a piano player in Glenn Miller’s band, in the 1942 20th Century Fox musical, Orchestra Wives. In The Thin Man (1934), Romero played a villainous supporting role opposite the film’s main star William Powell.

Did Cesar Romero play the Joker?

Romero played the Joker in the 1960s campy Batman live-action series. His performance was an exercise in nefarious good-natured glee. Though the Joker in the comic books is often presented as mentally ill or criminally insane, Romero’s white-faced arch-nemesis always had his wits about him.

When was Cesar Romero born?

February 15, 1907Cesar Romero / Date of birth

Cesar Romero was born of Cuban parents in New York City in February 1907. He attended the Collegiate School and Riverdale Country School before working as a ballroom dancer.

How old is Burt Ward today?

77 years (July 6, 1945)Burt Ward / Age

Was Cesar Romero Hispanic?

Born in New York to a Cuban mother and Spanish father, the 6-foot-3 Romero was nicknamed “the Latin from Manhattan.” His career began in the early 1930s when he frequently portrayed the suave Latin gigolo.

Is Cesar Romero Cuban?

Cesar Julio Romero, Jr. was a Cuban American film and television actor, who played The Joker in the 1960s television series Batman. In 1966, the show was transferred to movie theaters, and Romero became the first actor to portray the Joker in a motion picture. Romero was born in New York to prosperous Cuban parents.

Who played the best Joker?

From Heath Ledger to Jared Leto: The 8 Best Jokers, Ranked

  • Cesar Romero – The original Batman series (1966 -1969)
  • Cameron Monaghan – Gotham (2015-2019)
  • Jared Leto – Suicide Squad (2016) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)
  • Joaquin Phoenix – Joker (2019)
  • Jack Nicholson – Batman (1989)

Why did Cesar Romero not shave his mustache?

Romero refused to shave his mustache for the role It was such a trademark that he refused to shave it when he was cast as the Joker. Instead he just smeared white face paint over his facial hair for a surreal effect.

Was Cesar Romero ever married?

Romero remained at 20th Century Fox for 15 years, often making five or six movies a year. He never married.

How much was Adam West paid per episode of Batman?

Sourced from an 2015 post on the 1966 Batman Message Board; Adam West originally wanted $150,000 to appear in the movie (see below for actual finalised salaries). Adam settled on $100,000 providing he was given a lead role worth $125,000 on a non-Batman movie the following year, after the second season of Batman ended.

Did Cesar Romero have a brother?

Eduardo Salvador RomeroCesar Romero / Brother

Where did Cesar Romero live?

New YorkCesar Romero / Places lived

Who is the next Joker?

Todd Phillips, who produced, directed and co-wrote Joker with Scott Silver, confirmed that Joaquin Phoenix will star as Arthur Fleck once more in a sequel to the Oscar-winning DC villain origin story.

How old was Caesar Romero Batman?

86 years (1907–1994)Cesar Romero / Age at death

How old is the joker?

The Joker’s age changes depending on the version of the character – for example, in Batman: The Animated Series, he’s 44 years old, but in some stories in the comics, he has been portrayed as being in his late 50’s, so it’s not surprising that the movie went for a younger portrayal.

How much did Burt Ward make Batman?

In the early days of “Batman,” Burt’s salary was $350 per week.