Is Bookworm still available?

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Is Bookworm still available?

One of my favourite ever games, released during the peak of PopCap’s glory days, is simply gone. Not just no longer on sale, but seemingly erased from history, from the current timeline. Bookworm Adventures (and it’s sequel), the adorable word-spelling combat game, has been Shazammed right out of existence.

Is Bookworm Deluxe still available?

Bookworm Deluxe, Bookworm Adventures Deluxe and Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2 were delisted from numerous online platforms between April and May of 2016. They were last confirmed available on March 9th at, on March 26th at Origin, on April 6th at Steam and May 31st on Big Fish Games.

Is there a Bookworm Adventures 3?

The Book 3 (also known as “Lexonomicon”) is the last book of Bookworm Adventures.

How many books are in the bookworms game?

3 books
The game has 3 books of Adventure.

Is there a game similar to Bookworm?

Bookworm Adventures2006Bookworm ClassicWord Worm2011Zuma2003Bejeweled 32010Bubble Shooter2001
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Are there any games similar to Bookworm?

There are more than 10 games similar to Bookworm (by PopCap) for a variety of platforms, including Android, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone and Windows. The best alternative is Falling Word Search, which is free. Other Bookworm (by PopCap) like games are Lexica, Tanglet, Alphabear and Word Wise.

Why was Bookworm Adventures Cancelled?

Bookworm Adventures was by far the greatest game series ever created. It was fun, educational, had a fantastic storyboard, and graphics that rival Crysis 4. Unfortunately, Popcap and EA cancelled the series back in 2016 and claimed it was not profitable.

What happened to PopCap?

PopCap was sold to Electronic Arts in 2011.

Is ascendance of a bookworm complete?

The children’s edition began publication in July 1, 2019 and is ongoing. The story is the same as in the main light novel series, but includes new illustrations.

How do I get Bookworm on my Iphone?

The interesting, time killing Bookworm game is available at the App Store for $4.99.

Can I still play PopCap Games?

Unfortunately, PopCap Games retired many of their games over the years, and since EA acquired the company in 2011, almost every attempt to play an old PopCap Games title redirects you to where there’s little help in finding a valid link where you can play or download the game for free.

Does Ferdinand love MYNE?

Karstedt agrees, although he warns that someone else will probably be displeased that Ferdinand didn’t go to him for help first. He also reflects that Ferdinand, who is usually slow to trust others, seems surprisingly fond of Myne.

How old is Ferdinand in Ascendance of a Bookworm?

Young and in Charge: He’s 20 when he and Myne meet.

What happened to the original Bookworm game?

Where can I play PopCap games?

The game is available for free for iPad and iPhone on the iOS App Store, and for Android devices via Google Play. There’s also a free Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes app for iOS and Android where you can collect heroes like Green Shadow, Super Brainz, Grass Knuckles, and Impfinity.

When did EA become evil?

Being evil and destroying lives is tremendously profitable. But when it came time to select the worst company of them all in 2012, the voters on the came up with Electronic Arts, a videogame publisher. For many, what made EA so specifically evil was a mismatch between form and function.

Why did MYNE become Rozemyne?

History. Rozemyne is a false persona devised by Sylvester, Ferdinand, and Karstedt to allow her to become a noble for her own protection. Using a magic contract, Sylvester changed Myne’s name and forced her lower city family to swear to treat her as a stranger.

Does MYNE like Lutz?

Lutz teaches Fran how to monitor Myne’s health and how to take care of her. They have a business like relationship, and Fran trusts Lutz and welcomes him due to Myne’s love for him.

How to play Bookworm game?

Join the Bookworm online game labyrinth where you need to make words with the letter tiles from the field. Snap-on adjoining letters to shape words and score focuses. The more drawn out the comments you make, the higher your score will be! There are likewise uncommon tiles and extra words.

How do you increase your score in Bookworm?

Finally, special tiles increase your score enormously, so always look for words using these tiles if possible. Bookworm is a word game developed by PopCap Games, released in 2003. The game was such a success that a follow-up game extension โ€˜Bookworm Adventuresโ€™ was released in 2006.

How many times has Bookworm online been played since it was added?

This game was added in September 09, 2021 and it was played 1.1k times since then. Bookworm Online is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 5.00 / 5 from 7 votes.

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