Is Berserk manga discontinued?

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Is Berserk manga discontinued?

On June 7, 2022, Hakusensha and Kouji Mori announced that the series would continue publication, using plans and thoughts that were relayed to Mori by Miura himself, as well as memorandums and character designs that Miura left behind.

WHO publishes Berserk?

Dark Horse Comics
In America, Berserk is translated and published by Dark Horse Comics, which has released 40 volumes so far, the first of which was published on October 22, 2003. As with other Dark Horse manga releases, the Japanese reading format (from right to left) is preserved in the English release.

Is 364 the last chapter of Berserk?

Chapter 364 of Berserk, “Tear of Morning Dew,” was the last chapter to be penned by Kentarō Miura before his death.

Is there any future for Berserk?

Young Animal, the manga’s publisher, has yet to decide whether it will continue the series, but stated in the last chapter released of “Berserk” that their priority is “what [Miura] would think if he were still here with us.” It’s still uncertain whether Miura left the team with any instructions or blueprints for …

Will dark horse continue in Berserk?

After 30-plus years and more than 3.5 million copies sold, Kentaro Miura’s work on the beloved horror-fantasy manga comes to an end with Berserk Volume 41.

Will there be a volume 41 of Berserk?

Berserk Volume 41 TPB will be available at comic stores November 2, 2022 and in bookstores November 15, 2022. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop and bookstore. Berserk Volume 41 will retail for $14.99.

Why is Berserk considered to be the best manga?

Griffith’s breakdown and summoning of the God Hands.

  • Guts vs 100 fighters.
  • Griffth vs Guts both times.
  • Guts kills a teen accidentally.
  • Eclipse.
  • Skull Knight breaking the eclipse.
  • Guts vs Wyald.
  • Guts and Griffith vs Zodd.
  • What will happen to Berserk manga?

    Guts,the main character of the series.

  • Puck is one of the first friends’ Guts makes.
  • Casca is a mountain village girl who later turns out to be an ex-commander.
  • Griffith is the main leader of the Band of the Falcon.
  • Farnese is a noblewoman fascinated by the power of magic and performs ceremonies.
  • Is Berserk getting a new anime?

    Yes, eventually it will get a new anime. I just hope we don’t have to wait until the manga finishes – because that will be years. In all honesty, I would not be surprised if a new one gets announced this or next year.

    When is the new Berserk anime coming out?

    any new anime release will come after volume 41 of manga. Thus it is expected that the release of berserk may fall in late 2021 or early 2022.

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