Is Beiersdorf a German company?

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Is Beiersdorf a German company?

Beiersdorf AG is a German multinational company that manufactures and retails personal-care products and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Its brands include Elastoplast, Eucerin (makers of Aquaphor), Labello, La Prairie, Nivea, Tesa SE (Tesa tape) and Coppertone.

How many employees does Nivea have?

The Hamburg-based company generated sales of EUR7,025 million as well as an operating result (EBIT) of EUR828 million in fiscal year 2020. Beiersdorf has more than 20,000 employees worldwide, who are connected by shared core values, a strong corporate culture and the Beiersdorf purpose “Care Beyond Skin”.

What company owns eucerin?

For more than a century Beiersdorf, the company behind Eucerin, has been associated with groundbreaking innovation in skin care formulas.

Who is NIVEA owned by?

Beiersdorf-owned Nivea remains the most chosen beauty and personal care brand in Europe and the only one purchased by over 50% of households – an impressive feat for any global brand, says Kantar.

Are NIVEA and Eucerin the same?

Today, Beiersdorf is a global company with iconic brands — Coppertone, Aquaphor, Eucerin and NIVEA — focused on providing innovative, clinically-proven and safe skin and sun care solutions to more than 500 million consumers in over 200 countries — making people feel comfortable in their own skin.

Which country is Eucerin from?

Created in Hamburg by Paul C. Beiersdorf, Eucerin is a well-known German brand with over 100 years of history and proven experience in the research and development of highly effective skin care products.

Why is NIVEA famous?

Over 100 years ago, we invented modern skin care with NIVEA Creme. Today, millions of people all over the world, all with different types of skin, rely on the NIVEA brand. That is why our researchers work extensively with different skin types and the different care requirements brought about by culture, gender and age.

Is NIVEA Chinese?

Currently, products from Nivea and Eucerin that contain W630 are available in China through cross-border e-commerce. “We are receiving such positive feedback from consumers that we will expand the range of products in the Nivea Luminous630 series in 2022.

Is Eucerin made by Nivea?

Is Eucerin a American brand?

Beiersdorf in 1890, bought the patent and a few years later the first Eucerin products (iodine creme, loose powder) were introduced on the German market. In the 1980s the brand was launched by Beiersdorf affiliates globally, including the USA. Since 1996 the brand also offers facial care products.

Is German Nivea better than American?

The primary difference between the two comes down to the ingredients. The German Nivea does not contain any mineral oil, petroleum, or microcrystalline wax. These ingredients add to the greasy feel of the American version. In addition, the German-made product ends with the ingredient known as Cinnamyl Alcohol.

Is Nivea better than La Mer?

They’re both very similar to the German version, the main difference being the lack of petrolatum in the latter. Although super similar, Nivea and La Mer aren’t 100% identical. Creme De La Mer contains a bunch of antioxidants, which, at first sight, makes it a much better option than the cheaper Nivea Creme.

Where is NIVEA made?

NIVEA Cream, the unsurpassed classic among skin creams, cares and protects all skin types from dehydration with its rich formula. The unique preservative-free formulation has remained under lock and key since its birth in 1911.

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