Is a Mercury Milan a good car?

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Is a Mercury Milan a good car?

Most reliable car I’ve Owned This car was the most reliable car I have ever owned. have had a number of new and used cars, I found the Mercury Milan to have great styling, handled beautifully, and never broke down.

Who makes Mercury Milan?

the Ford Motor Company
Released for 2006, this model was produced through 2011 and then canceled as the Ford Motor Company discontinued the Mercury brand. The Mercury Milan was based on the Ford Fusion and introduced as the replacement for the Mercury Sable. Upon its debut, the Milan offered two engine choices.

Is a Mercury Milan a fast car?

The Milan was available in different trims with the V6 Premier variant at the top of the pile. The V6 powerplant generated 221 hp and 205 lb-ft of torque; good enough to propel the mid-size sedan to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and past the quarter-mile marker in 15.5 seconds.

How reliable is a 2007 Mercury Milan?

The 2007 Mercury Milan scored four stars (out of five) for driver and front-passenger protection in NHTSA frontal-impact crash testing. In side-impact crash tests, the Milan earned five stars for front-seat protection and four stars for the rear.

Is a 2010 Mercury Milan a good car?

The 2010 Mercury Milan is a solid contender in its class, thanks to its excellent safety ratings, nimble handling, ample interior space and numerous tech features.

What is the value of a 2007 Mercury Milan?

2007 Mercury Milan Value – $973-$3,668 | Edmunds.

Are Mercury Milans expensive to maintain?

On the plus side, Mercury Milans tend to be quite affordable to maintain, costing owners an average of $546 annually in maintenance and repair costs. Keep in mind that total repair and maintenance costs will depend on the Milan’s current age, mileage, and condition, as well as where you live.

What is the value of a 2010 Mercury?

The value of a used 2010 Mercury Milan ranges from $1,758 to $5,986, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Is 2007 Mercury Milan reliable?

2007 Mercury Milan Overview Reviewers generally assess the 2007 Mercury Milan as offering solid handling, plenty of interior room, abundant crash protection features and good predicted reliability.

What is a Mercury Milan?

The Mercury Milan is a midsize car that was marketed by the Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. Named after Milan, an Italian city, the Milan was sold across the 2006 to 2011 model years across a single generation.

When did the Mercury Milan stop being made?

Coinciding with the 2010 closure of the Mercury division, the Milan ended sales after a shortened 2011 model year; the final vehicle was produced on December 17, 2010. The Milan was sold in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Mexico, and the Middle East.

What kind of car is a 2007 Mercury Milan?

Vehicle Overview Mercury has added more standard features to its midsize Milan sedan for the 2007 model year. Two of the bigger additions are side curtain and seat-mounted side-impact airbags, as well as all-wheel drive, which will come later in 2006. The Milan is related to the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ.

Why buy a 2008 Mercury Milan?

The body style and performance was excellent and it never broke down. I recently helped my sister look for a used car and I was able to get her a great deal on a 2008 Mercury Milan.