Is 36 inches too narrow for a dining table?

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Is 36 inches too narrow for a dining table?

The minimum width of a table should be 36″ – any less width and you will have difficulty placing serving pieces in the middle of the table. If space allows, base your size table on the number of persons you usually have for dinner then add two. That should accommodate a normal number of guests.

Is a 36 inch round table big enough for 4 people?

A 36″ diameter table can accommodate 4 people, but it will be a bit of squeeze and you won’t have much space for shared dishes. A 48″ table can usually accommodate 5-6 people, but for larger groups, you’ll want a table that is 60″ in diameter or larger.

What is the narrowest a dining room table can be?

Thirty-six-inches is the most narrow that you can usually find a traditional dining table. This allows for 18-inches of space for each opposite-facing guest and permits some room in the middle for serving dishes or platters.

What kind of table is a round dining table?

This round dining table makes a statement in your dining room with its mixed materials and dazzling surfaces. It has a solid birch wood frame, with a hand-rubbed silver finish and mirrored panels that cover the apron and legs for an eye-catching contemporary glam look.

How many people can fit on a 36 inch dining table?

The surface has a circular silhouette that measures 36″ long by 36″ in diameter, so it easily seats up to four people for a fun Sunday brunch or weeknight family dinner. Plus, this dining table includes all the tools you need for fuss-free assembly.

What are the dimensions of a dining table pedestal?

It is the perfect pedestal for an elegant to transitional style table design. The table top comes in 36 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches and is also solid hardwood. Ready to be stained or painted.

What is the top of a dining table made of?

Constructed from acrylic and brass in the base, the top is crafted from the beveled glass. Anchor your dining space in sleek, contemporary style with this striking dining table.

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