How was your weekend Good answer?

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How was your weekend Good answer?

If the weekend was good, people often say, “It was great/exciting/ wonderful.” You can ask students to suggest other words they could use in the sentence. If the weekend was not really good, but not bad either, people might say, “It was so-so.”

How do you ask someone how their weekend was?

Lindsay’s ideas for asking about someone’s weekend: What are you up to this weekend?…More ideas:

  1. Doing anything fun this weekend?
  2. What will you be doing this weekend?
  3. How’s your weekend shaping up? (idiomatic)
  4. Have a good weekend.
  5. Have fun this weekend!

How do you respond to how was your day?

How to Respond to a “How Was Your Day?” Text

  1. 1 “It’s been great. How about you?”
  2. 2 “Chilled at home, so not too bad.”
  3. 3 “Really good! Thanks for asking.”
  4. 4 “Good. How was yours?”
  5. 5 “Pretty good. You won’t believe what happened!”
  6. 6 “Okay. What about you?”
  7. 7 “Same old same old. How was yours?”
  8. 8 “Fine.”

How was your weekend examples?

So, here are examples of what you can say when you are asked “how was your weekend?” when you spent it at home: What is this? 01“I bet it wasn’t as interesting as yours! I caught up on my favorite series and did a bit of cleaning, so pretty uneventful.”

How was your weekend meaning?

the person is asking how your weekend was. Did you have a good weekend? Is another way to ask. You can say “It was good, I went to see a movie with some friends” for example. See a translation.

How did you spend your weekend write a few lines?

Answer: During the weekends , I wake up very early as usual . After enjoying a tasty breakfast that is prepared by my mom , I would spend some times on T.V or playing on mobile , Besides that I would do some exercises to keep my body fit . I would play with my friends and cousins some games like badminton.

When a guy texts you how was your day?

“Somebody who is trying to connect with you very regularly is clearly interested in you.” It’s not just good morning and goodnight texts that matter, either. If a girl or guy texts you, “How was your day?”randomly and are quick to respond to your mid-day messages, that’s a great sign, too.

How’s your weekend or how was your weekend?

sound shift They are not the same in meaning. You would say “How’s your weekend going?” during the weekend. You would say “What was your weekend like?” when the weekend was over.

How were your weekends or how was your weekend?

One weekend is made up of two days. I ask about the singular item unless I have a specific reason for the plural “weekends.” The singular “weekend” is more common. I would say “How was your weekend?” (singular) as equivalent to “How were your days away?” (plural).

How do you spend your weekends at home?

Best Ways to Spend A Weekend At Home

  1. Cook Your Heart Out.
  2. Netflix and Chill!
  3. Host A Game Night.
  4. Spend Your Day Reading.
  5. Have a Spa Day at Home/ Burn the Calories.
  6. Rediscover Your Hobbies.
  7. Gardening.
  8. Decorate Your Home.

How do you ask someone how’s their day?

Alternatives to “How Was Your Day?”

  1. “What was the most interesting thing you did today?”
  2. “Did you get to solve any problems/make anything cool/help anybody today?”
  3. “Is your work still challenging/rewarding to you?”
  4. “If you could change one thing about your day, what would it be?”
  5. “I thought of you today when…”

How do you respond to how’s it going?

There are many different ways to answer the question “How’s it going” depending on the situation and our current mood. Some simple but common responses might include “Good,” “Great,” or “Just okay.” However, there are also more creative or evocative ways to express how we’re doing.

Should a man text you everyday?

Even though you may want him to text you everyday. It doesn’t mean that there’s a problem if you don’t talk everyday. That said, even if a guy does text you everyday, it doesn’t mean that he’s serious about you either. There are plenty of men that will text you everyday, but never move the relationship forward.

What I do at the weekend?

Fun Things to Do This Weekend

  • Go to a food truck park.
  • Catch up on your favorite book.
  • Do yoga.
  • Go to the farmers market.
  • See a movie or play.
  • Do crafts.
  • Go for a long walk.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset.

How do you ask a girl how was your day?

Questions to Ask Instead of ‘How Was Your Day? ‘

  1. What was the best part of your day?
  2. Did anything surprise you today?
  3. Did you read/listen to anything interesting today?
  4. Did you take any photos today?
  5. How can I make your day easier in five minutes?
  6. What did you do that was just for you today?

Is how was your day a good question?

“How was your day?” can symbolize your willingness to be present with someone else’s thoughts and feelings, and that in itself is a gesture of generosity. But if the question is routine and lacks sincerity, it can come across as lazy and feel stagnant for both you and the person you’re asking.

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