How to choose a title for an essay paper?

Published by Anaya Cole on

One of the hardest phases, when writing an essay is the choice of the title. The title of your topic must combine so many criteria that it always seems that to find one is absolutely impossible. Absolutely false! Let us work it out.

At least, the title should possess these qualities:

  • Represent the idea of an essay;
  • Must be attractive;
  • A little bit exaggerated (extra attractiveness).

Try to analyze your text

This tip is about to write text and only then choose the title. It`s a very good way of searching for the title name because when you just start working you still don`t know how your ideas will be revealed. Many of those who create the title before writing the main part of the text have to change it eventually. Because the way you shape the idea before and how it`s finally expressed are rarely of the same look.

Game of associations

For example, you are writing an essay about urbanization from the point of citizens, what first comes to your mind? Maybe stuck traffic or high-rises? Crowds and banks, air pollution or job opportunities? Try to imagine and make a list of associations. Maybe your best title is obscured somewhere between lines. It`s also possible to combine this tip with the tip about text analysis. First “scan“ your already written material and then begin the game of associations.


Such insight as the attractiveness of the title always depends on a particular viewer. If you want to someone to read your material the title must concern his/ her wishes /views/ideas/problems as it is said in marketing «to reveal and to satisfy the issue». But if your topic is highly specialized there is no need to excel with the title. In this case, it should be brief, precise and in some extent transparent. Ambiguity is spare here. Nevertheless, in all other instances, it`s one of the best ways to attract the potential reader. It doesn`t mean that title shouldn’t be informative it means that title must evoke as much interest as it is possible. Just compare «Urbanization expands the horizons» and «URBANIZATION! New employment possibilities right yet!» and vice versa « Urbanization harms cities» or «Urbanization or easiest way to kill citizens». Obvious attractiveness and impact in both second variants.

Other few ways

Everybody who writes texts knows that writing without inspiration it`s like squeezing juice from the stone. So try to get inspired and you will create the best title ever. Some tips

  • Get rid of all sort of annoying things;
  • Go to sleep for a few hours;
  • Make little breaks while working;
  • Go for a walk;
  • If it`s possible to get back to the work over the essay on the next day;
  • Search for the essays on the same topic and rehash it. No plagiarism, just a few ideas borrowed.

Tip for an emergency! In case you stuck not only with the title but with the whole essay, you can always apply to the academic writing service.

There is another interesting tip, not so common but still useful. If you are using any quote in your essay you can place it as a title. Looks nice, attractive, quite informative.


There are so many factors influencing the quality of the essay. But the title is at least 45-50% of success. The reader may notice the title, impress, start reading an essay and still think about how cool the article is. So a lot of attention should be paid at this dimension. Use these tips and combine them, don`t forget to ask for help if possible, an outside perspective is always good. Choose title in accordance with your purposes and be aware of spare absolutely non-topic senses. It`s regular for people to overestimate their work (and vice versa). So try to imagine that you are not a writer but a reader, ask yourself some questions: does the title suit to the essay? Would I choose something the same? Do I like it?