How to check money in DTB account?

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How to check money in DTB account?

A primary DTB credit cardholder can inquire about the available credit card balance, available credit and last credit card payment by calling the DTB customer service support on 080242242.

Does DTB bank work on sunday?

DTB branches will be open for customer dealings as per details below: The extended working hours and Sunday banking are temporarily withdrawn as a precautionary measure to counter the COVID 19 epidemic.

Is DTB a international bank?

Customers can send money using funds from their bank accounts for payout at Western Union’s Global Network of accounts and wallets in more than 100 countries, and agent locations across more than 200 countries and territories.

What does Diamond Trust Bank do?

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited is an award winning tier 1 lender in Kenya that is also listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange. We primarily focus on empowering small and medium sizes enterprises with a suite of tailor made products and services.

How do I check my DTB balance on my phone?

DTB bank mobile banking service enables customers to safely manage their bank account, credit card payments and loans over their mobile phone. It can be accessed through downloading the bank’s App or by dialing the USSD code *382#.

How do I access my DTB account online?

Go to the DTB bank Kenya website here:

  1. Click on “Online Banking” at the top right side of the site.
  2. You will be taken to the DTB Kenya iConnect internet banking login portal.
  3. Enter your Corporate code.
  4. Next, input your “User ID.”
  5. Type in your “Password.”
  6. Now, click on “Proceed.”

Who owns Diamond Trust?

Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development

Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) 16.50
2 HBL Pakistan of Pakistan part of AKFED 16.15
3 Jubilee Insurance company of Kenya part of AKFED 9.95
4 Standard Chartered Nominees A/C Ke18972 2.78

How do I activate my DTB account online?

Requirements To Register And Login To Diamond Trust Account Online

  1. Active DTB Bank Account.
  2. Account Name.
  3. Bank account number.
  4. Mobile phone number.
  5. Email address.
  6. Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer.

How do I transfer money from DTB to another bank?

Simply walk into your nearest DTB branch and transact at the dedicated money transfer counter. Alternatively, you can access Western Union money transfer services on the DTB m24/7 app, enabling you to send or receive money directly from your DTB account.

What is the full form of DTB?

DTB Full Form

Full Form Diamond Trust Bank
Category Banking

How do I reset my DTB mobile banking?

How To Reset Your Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Online Banking Account Password

  1. Visit the DTB Kenya login portal.
  2. Click on “Forgot Password.”
  3. Enter your “Corporate code.”
  4. Type in your “User ID” or Username.
  5. Input your mobile phone number.
  6. Click on “Submit.”
  7. Provide the answer to the security questions.

Does DTB have mobile banking?

Transact conveniently via mobile banking on both USSD (*382#) and the DTB m24/7 mobile app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Does DTB have an app?

DTB 24/7 is the revamped mobile banking app from Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited (DTB). The app provides an enhanced user experience that enables DTB account holders bank on the go wherever they are securely.

Who is the CEO of Diamond Trust Bank?

Nasim Mohamed Devji
Nasim Mohamed Devji, is a Kenyan businesswoman, accountant and corporate executive, who serves as the managing director and chief executive officer of Diamond Trust Bank Group, a commercial banking conglomerate, with headquarters in Nairobi and banking subsidiaries in Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

How old is DTB?

The flagship of DTB Group is Diamond Trust Bank (Kenya), which was founded in 1946. As of December 2013, the group is ranked the eighth largest commercial bank, by assets, out of 43 licensed banks in Kenya.

How do I convert DTB to Mpesa?

Sending Money from DTB to Mpesa You can also send money from your DTB to your Mpesa account using the USSD code *385#. Follow the prompts and you will be good to go. However, you need to be registered for mobile banking first. This is easily done at your branch and you will be good to use this service anytime you want.

Who started DTB?

What are the origins of DTB? Per reports from The Sun, the credit for coming up with the acronym goes to the rapper Julius Dubose, also known as, A Boogie Wit A Hoodie. In his 2020 song called “DTB 4 Life,” DuBose raps about his trust issues regarding relationships and even himself.

What does DTB mean in Spanish?

Dios Te Bendiga (Spanish: God bless you) DTB.

How can I activate DTB mobile banking App?

How can you sign up for the Service?

  1. Dial*382#
  2. Download our mobile banking app on: IOS store, Google store and the Windows store.
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