How tall is a 1/4th scale figure?

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How tall is a 1/4th scale figure?

Moving on, the Sideshow Premium Format is actually more like a statue than action figure They are produced in 1:4 scale typically, which means the average character, standing upright will come out to around 18 inches tall not including the base or stand.

What is the tallest WWE action figure?

The WWE Giant Size 31″ Hulk Hogan Figure is truly perfect for kids and collectors alike! Made from durable ABS plastic, he stands over 2.5 feet tall! Now you can replicate WWE superstar action!…Product information.

Product Dimensions 6 x 12 x 31 inches
Manufacturer Wicked Cool Toys (Domestic)

What size are action figures?


Ratio Inches per foot Size
1:24 0.5″ [12.7 mm] 2.5″ [63.5 mm]
1:18 0.67″ [16.93 mm] 3.75″ [95.25 mm]
1:16 0.75″ [19.05 mm] 4″ [101.6 mm]
1:15 0.8″ [20.32 mm] 5″ [127 mm]

How tall is a normal action figure?

The use of scale sizes can change by as much as 30% depending on the size of the original object but in terms of action figures we’re talking about smaller representations of the human figure and the standard size used by toy companies is based on the ideal human figure being 6 feet tall which is 72 inches and is …

How tall is a 1/12 scale figure?

roughly six inches high
1/12th scale is roughly six inches high. These figures, featuring articulation, clothing and head sculpt options and detailed accessories, are great for space-challenged collectors.

How tall is a 1/16 figure?

1/16 World Figure Series. At approximately 120mm tall, the figures in this series come in the popular 1/16 scale and boast natural, lifelike poses as well as vivid facial expressions for a superb level of realism.

Who is bigger Andre the Giant or Big Show?

Andre was as close to being a giant as human being has ever come. The Big show is no slouch himself in terms of size, though Andre was considerably larger. Big Show stands at 7’0 and weighs 441 pounds.

What is the rarest wrestling figure?

Moon Belly Kamala Considered to be the holy grail of all wrestling figures is the 1993 Hasbro Kamala with a yellow moon on his belly. For whatever reason, only 24 of these figures were made before the toymakers switched out the yellow moon for a yellow star, even though the real Kamala sported the yellow moon.

How tall is a 1/12 scale action figure?

How tall is a 1/10 scale figure in inches?

Other Scales 1:10 (7 inch)

How tall is a 1/12 figure?

Are Barbies 1/12 scale?

Items in 1:6 scale, also known as “Playscale” or “Fashion Doll” scale, are sized to fit with common fashion dolls such as Barbie or collectible action figures, principally military action figures. In this scale, 1 inch is equivalent to 6 inches in full size.

Who was the biggest wrestler in history?

Jorge González (wrestler)

Jorge González
Ring name(s) El Gigante El Yeti Giant Gonzalez
Billed height 8 ft 0 in (244 cm)
Billed weight 460 lb (209 kg)
Billed from Argentina (Andes)

How tall is the Great Khali?

7′ 1″The Great Khali / Height

Are wrestling cards worth anything?

Mail-in status makes these cards valuable in any condition, but high-end cards cost Ted DiBiase-type loot. Some recent eBay sales: Hulk Hogan PSA 7 = $1,802. Andre the Giant PSA 4 = $405.

What are the rarest WWE action figures?

The 15 Rarest (And Most Expensive) WWE Action Figures

  • WWE Jakks Limited Edition Marble Ultimate Warrior.
  • WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Andre the Giant Black Card MOC.
  • LJN WWF Wrestling Superstars BIG BOSS MAN, 89 Black Card, MOC, Incased.
  • Rare Rhythm & Blues Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine WWF Hasbro Prototype.

What scale is Marvel Legends?

Marvel Legends is an action figure line based on the characters of Marvel Comics, initially produced by Toy Biz, then by Hasbro. This line is in the 6-inch (150 mm) scale, with spin-off lines in the 4-inch (100 mm), 8-inch (200 mm), and 12-inch (300 mm) scale.

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