How old is Sharla in Xenoblade Chronicles?

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How old is Sharla in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Sharla is a 21-year-old resident of Colony 6 and a talented sharp shooter. She wields a rifle that uses ether energy, which she uses to great effect for defensive and healing purposes. She is sometimes referred to as a “medic” in-game. Sharla lives in Colony 6 with her younger brother Juju.

Should I use Sharla Xenoblade?

The unfortunate reality is that Sharla is not very well designed, and is inarguably the worst character in the game – and it only gets worse as you progress away from early-game. She only has 4 arts that actually deal damage, and 1 more that debuffs enemies.

Is Riki a good healer Xenoblade?

Riki, on the other hand, doesn’t have quite the same buff capability of Sharla, but he does have You Can Do It, which is arguably the best Healing Art in the game. On top of this, Riki has the highest HP stat of all characters, and can inflict many debuffs on the enemy, plus he can use both physical and ether attacks.

Is Reyn in love with Sharla?

It is implied that Reyn developed feelings towards Sharla despite her being Gadolt’s fiancee, even considering Gadolt as a competitor. Additionally, during a Heart to Heart Riki claimed Sharla to be the nice girl Reyn was looking for to start a family with.

What is Sharla in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Sharla (Japanese: カルナ, Karuna, Carna; English dub: /ˈʃɑːrlə/) is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles, and a medic of the Colony 6 Defence Force. She uses an ether rifle to fight, and her speciality is healing. She is Juju ‘s older sister and Gadolt ‘s fiance. She becomes playable during Chapter 4 .

Where can I find Sharla’s roles?

Here you can find Sharla’s roles, builds, stats at Lv. 99, best Arts, best skill trees, and official artwork. Voice Actor (Jp.) A survivor of the Colony 6 Mechon invasion. Sharla is the older sister of Juju, who she is very protective of.

Is Sharla a good healer in Wow?

Met on the Gaur Plains and originating from Colony 6, this most caring of snipers immediately takes up the position of dedicated healer. As an exclusively ranged character Sharla is able to support the group from afar, contributing not only healing spells, but crowd control, shields and even a reasonable amount of damage.

What chapter does Sharla become playable in Halo Infinite?

She becomes playable during Chapter 4 . Sharla is a kind-hearted, strong-witted, and loving person. However, she has a vengeful side that is first seen when Xord reveals that he ate the entire Defence Force of Colony 6.

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