How old is OBIO Oluebube the Nollywood actress?

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How old is OBIO Oluebube the Nollywood actress?

Obio Oluebube Cynthia Profile

Full name Obi Oluebube Cynthia
Age 18 years
Village Ihiala Village
Tribe Igbo
Parent Mr and Mrs Oluebube

Who is the most famous person from Cleveland Ohio?

You May Be Surprised To Learn These 12 Famous People Are From Cleveland

  • Steve Harvey. Wikimedia.
  • Bob Hope. Wikimedia.
  • Paul Newman. Wikimedia.
  • Steph Curry. Flickr/TechCrunch.
  • Joe Walsh. Wikimedia.
  • Dr. Oz.
  • Arsenio Hall. Flickr/Alan Light.
  • Drew Carey. Wikimedia.

How old is Sharon ifedi?

18 years (March 15, 2004)Ifedi Sharon / Age

What stars are from Cleveland Ohio?

45 famous actors from Ohio

  • Joel Grey. Born: Cleveland, Ohio (4/11/1932)
  • Luke Grimes. Born: Dayton, Ohio (1/21/1984)
  • Clancy Brown. Born: Urbana, Ohio (1/5/1959)
  • Alan Ruck. Born: Cleveland, Ohio (7/1/1956)
  • Ted Levine. Born: Bellaire, Ohio (5/29/1957)
  • Paul Newman. Born: Shaker Heights, Ohio (1/26/1925)
  • Luke Kleintank.
  • Ed O’Neill.

What famous actors were born in Cleveland Ohio?

These stars are just some of the famous faces that have graced the city.

  • Drew Carey. Drew Carey grew up in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood with his parents and two brothers.
  • Halle Berry.
  • Tracy Chapman.
  • Vanessa Bayer.
  • Yvette Nicole Brown.
  • Arsenio Hall.
  • Phil Donahue.
  • Lili Reinhart.

Who is the best artist in Ohio?

22 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Musicians From Ohio

  • John Legend.
  • Art Tatum.
  • Dean Martin.
  • Doris Day.
  • Anita Baker.
  • Tracy Chapman.
  • Bobby Womack (The Valentinos)
  • Bootsy Collins.
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