How much is tour guide in Egypt?

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How much is tour guide in Egypt?

Look at Egypt Tours runs a variety of day trips out of the main centers, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Sharm el-Sheikh, ranging in cost between $50 and $150 USD per person, depending on the destination and the group size.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is between October and April, temperatures are cooler but you are still guaranteed sun. During spring and autumn daytime temperatures will reach hit 25-30°C but the evenings are much cooler. Egypt is blessed with a whole lot of sunshine and very little rain.

Is Egypt cheaper than India?

Cost of living in India is 9% cheaper than in Egypt.

Can I stay with my boyfriend in a hotel in Egypt?

The only people in Egypt who are not allowed to stay in hotel rooms unmarried are Egyptian Nationals… ie: If one or both of you have an Egyptian passport then you cannot stay together unmarried…

How do I choose a honeymoon travel agent?

One of the best ways to choose a honeymoon travel agent is to ask friends/family for a recommendation. Any travel agent worth their salt considers a referral the highest compliment and will provide their clients with a level of service that will ensure return business and referrals.

Which is the best travel agency in Egypt?

Egypt’s Best Travel Agencies. 1 1 Gazef. The friendly folks at Gazef don’t believe in ‘aimless travelling’. The 4 friends that founded this special travel company challenge you to 2 2 Travco Holidays. 3 3 Wild Guanabana. 4 4 Honeymoon Tailors. 5 5 Travel Choice Egypt.

Who will plan the perfect honeymoon in Egypt?

So if you have your big day on the horizon, give these guys a call and relax – they will plan the perfect honeymoon. Formerly known as Thomas Cook since 1869, they go by the name of Travel Choice now in Egypt. They have the largest network of travel and foreign exchange offices in the country.

Why choose look at Egypt tours?

Look at Egypt Tours is one of the most reputable destination management company in Egypt. We built our business to fit the exact needs of international tour operators and travel Read More Truly Egypt Tours, with head office in Luxor, was established in 2000.