How much is Bandsintown app?

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How much is Bandsintown app?

For $9.99 a month — less than the price of a single concert ticket — fans get an “All Access Pass” to over 25 live shows per month, produced exclusively for Bandsintown PLUS. Fans can sign up for Bandsintown PLUS now by visiting

How do I post a show on Bandsintown?

PLEASE NOTE: Adding your events to your venue page will display the events on your venue page in our mobile fan app. To add your events to the artists’ pages you can email us at [email protected] with the link to your venue’s Facebook page and we can see if your venue qualifies for verification.

How do you become an artist in Bandsintown?

To Sign Up for Bandsintown for the first time:

  1. Go to and click the “Claim Your Artist Page” button.
  2. Approve all necessary permissions.
  3. Click on your artist’s name if you see your page on the list.
  4. If you don’t see your artist page, click ‘Claim Artist’ on the right and type in your artist name.

How do you get more followers in bandsintown?

Add this personalized link to your social media accounts to drive people to your Bandsintown page. You can also boost your engagement by sending Messages to your existing fans in Bandsintown. Users that are opted in will receive a notification and email, and the message will be displayed on your artist page.

How do I link my band to town on Facebook?

Bandsintown automatically tracks artists you like on Facebook if you login with Facebook or if you choose to connect to Facebook during onboarding….On Android:

  1. Tap the Profile page (person icon) at the bottom right.
  2. Tap on the Settings button (gear icon) at the top right.
  3. Tap Facebook.
  4. Tap Connect with Facebook.

How many users does bandsintown have?

Data from Bandsintown’s 62 million registered users and 550,000 artists reveal a robust and surprisingly fast return of in-person concerts.

How many people use Bandsintown?

Musicians and fans alike have made Bandsintown one of the largest musical communities in the world with 500,000 registered artists and 50,000,000 fans according to the website’s Managing Partner, Fabrice Sergent, who runs the community with business partner Julien Mitelberg.

Can you connect Bandsintown to Spotify?

Bandsintown events do not display on Spotify at this time. We are always working on improving our product and expanding our integrations.

How do you get more followers in Bandsintown?

What is Bandsintown?

We believe that live music brings people together through unique communal experiences and creates happiness and understanding in the world. Bandsintown celebrates artists and helps them grow their careers – as fans’ most trusted source of concert discovery, a place where artists and fans connect.

How do I get access to Bandsintown’s Early Access program?

To gain access you must have 1,000+ followers on Bandsintown. Please go to My Account and toggle on Early Access Program What do I get access to? Get ready to do more with your email marketing. Our free Email Builder will let you craft custom email campaigns, create targeted fan segments, easily plug in tour dates and music links, and much more.

Who can sign up for Bandsintown for artists?

Anyone who has a Bandsintown for Artists account with at least one artist claimed and 1,000 or more followers. How do I enroll and get started? Please apply here and we will get back to you within 1-3 business days.

Are my Bandsintown API app IDs personal to me?

Your Bandsintown API app IDs are personal to you. You shall not sell, transfer, sublicense, disclose or otherwise allow any other person or entity to use your Bandsintown API app IDs to access and use the Bandsintown APIs and/or Bandsintown Content under any circumstances.