How much is a 1976 Corvette worth today?

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How much is a 1976 Corvette worth today?

Since there are no rare 1976 Corvettes that I am aware of it all falls back to what you are willing to take as an acceptable value for your car. I have seen them go from between $3,000 in poor condition to $14,000 in restored condition.

How much did a 1976 Corvette cost in 1976?

History of the 1976 Chevrolet Corvette The base price rose to $7,604.85.

What is the value of a 1974 T Top Corvette?

This Corvette is in original condition with no modifications. We place a value of $10,000 on this 1974 Corvette T-Top. Also of interest is the fact that the 1974 Corvette T-Top is showing an annual increase in the average price value of 3%.

How many 1976 Corvettes still exist?

The coupe accounted for 100% of sales because the convertible was no longer offered in 1976….1976 Production Volumes by Model Variant.

Model Variant Production % of Total
Coupe 46,558 100.00
Total 46,558 100.00

How much horsepower does a 76 Corvette have?

180 @ 4,000 210 @
1976 Corvette Specifications

Type ohv V-8 ohv V-8
Displacement, liters/cubic inch 5.7/350 5.7/350
Bore X stroke, inches 4.00 X 3.48 4.00 X 3.48
Fuel management 1 X 4-bbl. 1 X 4-bbl.
Horsepower @ rpm 180 @ 4,000 210 @ 5,200

Did all C3 Corvettes have T tops?

True Corvette t-tops were produced only during the C3 generation from 1968, until 1982. Post C3 Corvettes were built with targa tops instead of t-tops. The first Corvette targa top would be seen in 1984, since no 1983 Corvettes exist.

How much did a corvette cost in 1976?

The Chevy Corvette was reduced to a single coupe model in 1976, but sales nevertheless boomed to 46,558 units, an all-time record. Aluminum wheels returned as an option (6,253 buyers) and a maintenance-free battery was fitted, along with a sport steering wheel from the Vega. The base price rose to $7,604.85.

Is there a 1976 Chevy Corvette in AZ?

Arizona Classic Car Sales is thrilled to offer this stunning 1976 Chevrolet Corvette that is a real 1976 Chevrolet Corvette T Tops RARE 4 Speed car Factory 4 speed car_ Small Block 350_ Power Steering 1976 CHEVY CORVETTE WITH ONLY 43,740 MILES

What kind of engine does a 1976 Corvette have?

Location New york 1976 Chevy corvette L-48 350 8.5:1 comp ratio Runs great, fast car – AM/FM, Leathe 1976 Corvette Stingray: L48; 350 C.I.D. Engine 4 Barrel V-8; T TOPS;4 Speed Manual Transmission with Gateway Classic Cars of Atlanta is proud to present this 1976 Chevrolet Corvette C3. The Chevrolet C

What kind of Comp ratio does a 1976 Chevy Vette have?

High performance custom Vette used primarily for cruises and car shows; not abused. Full body off r Location New york 1976 Chevy corvette L-48 350 8.5:1 comp ratio Runs great, fast car – AM/FM, Leathe

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