How much horsepower will 31 spline axles hold?

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How much horsepower will 31 spline axles hold?

Bolt-on billet aluminum brake registers are machined to size based on your particular brake and wheel requirements. S/S 28- & 31-Spline Axles (28-spline up to 400 hp1, 31-spline up to 500 hp1) For street and handling performance applications, 31-spline S/S axles are recommended.

How many splines does a Ford 9 inch have?

Ford 9″ (9 inch) – 31 Spline.

How much torque can a 31 spline axles handle?

“This will give you a figure that represents the maximum amount of torque transmitted to both axles if you launched at your engine’s torque peak and dead-hooked out of the hole. A 30-spline axle is rated at 6,200 lb-ft, a 31-spline at 7,000, a 33-spline at 8,200, a 35-spline at 9,600, and a 40-spline at 12,000.

What rear end is in a 99 Mustang GT?

If you own a 1979-2014 Mustang, then it came equipped with one of the two Ford rear ends – Ford 7.5 rear end or the Ford Mustang 8.8 rear end. All 1979-1985 Mustangs featured the 7.5 rear end.

Are all Dana 30 axle 27 spline?

ALL Dana 30 front axles come stock with a 27 spline inner shaft. to change to a 30 spline there are only a few Lockers ONLY that are avail to accept the 30 spline fitment in to the D30.

How many spline is a Dana 30?

How much HP can a stock Ford 9 inch handle?

“They’re good only to 400hp max,” says Tom at Tom’s Differentials. “Anything above that should use today’s beefed-up, redesigned, nodular-iron aftermarket cases. They’re good to 800 hp, if built properly.

What are the parts of an axle?

Axles include axle bearings, axle seals, .250-inch thick heavy-duty retainer plates and the wheel bolt pattern and wheel studs of your choice. Currie 28-spline axles for 9-inch rearends feature custom length, induction heat-treated, 1541 forged induction heat-treated axle shafts.

Why do some axles have shiny splines?

Be aware that many companies heat-treat the materials before the splines are machined into the axle which causes them to have a shiny appearance. Strange axles are manufactured with a large bearing area diameter (1.563-inch) for additional strength.

Why choose strange engineering for axle splines?

We can not stress enough the importance that Strange Engineering does all of its machine work on the axle splines prior to heat treatment. This allows for consistent heat treat depth, leading to a stronger axle.

What is a strange axle shoulder?

To minimize stress concentration, the Strange axle shoulder is designed with an extra large radius and utilizes a adaptive ring. As one side mates to the large radius, the other provides a positive stop for the axle bearing. 28 Spine axle applications: Chevy 10 bolt, Ford 8.8 and Ford 9 in. 31 Spine axle applications: Ford 8.8 and Ford 9 in.

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