How much does Robinson R22 cost?

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How much does Robinson R22 cost?

Robinson’s R22 is the world’s most economical-to-operate helicopter. The R22 carries a base list price of $250,000, with dealers typically discounting between 3 and 4 percent off list, but excellent used machines are available at around $100,000.

What is a Robinson R22 Beta?

The two-seat R22 helicopter is a proven workhorse that has delivered exceptional performance in a variety of applications for over forty years. The R22 has a two-bladed rotor system which requires minimum hangar space, T-bar cyclic for easy entry and exit, and a crashworthy fuel system.

Does the Robinson R22 have air conditioning?

The R22 uses a horizontally mounted Lycoming O-320 (O-360-J2A on the Beta II), four-cylinder, air-cooled, normally aspirated, carburetor-equipped piston engine. It is fueled with 100LL grade aviation gasoline. Cooling is provided through a direct drive squirrel-cage cooling fan.

How much does it cost to rebuild a R22 Robinson?

Services available include but are not limited to:

Robinson R22 100Hr/Annual $1,200
Robinson R22 Annual $1,300
Robinson R22 2200Hr overhaul $15,000
Robinson R44 100Hr $1,600
Robinson R44 100 HR/Annual $1,700

How much is a helicopter overhaul?

R22 Overhaul Cost

Overhaul Kit: $93,000k (includes bladder tanks)
Engine Overhaul: $18,500
Engine Buildup Kit: $2,800
Overhaul Labor: $15,000
Total: $129,300

Is Robinson a good helicopter?

The cause has yet to be determined, but the type of helicopter is well known to accident investigators: the Robinson R44. It is the world’s best-selling civilian helicopter, a top choice among flight schools, sightseeing companies, police departments and recreational pilots. It also is exceptionally deadly.

Can you trailer a helicopter?

Custom Helicopter Transport Trailers This revolutionary system has been adopted over the years and can be seen transporting helicopters all over North America. This technology has since been upgraded, IMT now uses custom-designed Helicopter Transport Trailers that incorporated the retractable tarp system.

How much does a Robinson R66 cost?

How much does a Robinson R66 cost? A Robinson R66 costs between $500k for a 2011 model and $950k for a 2021 edition, according to Aircraft Bluebook’s summer 2021 data. The price data provided by Aircraft Bluebook gives an average retail value for aircraft, by their year of manufacture.

How much does a used R22 cost?

A new R22 Beta II has a starting price of $257,000 including basic avionics and cabin heater. Low-time used machines can be had for around $150,000.

Is it hard to fly a Robinson R22?

Having a low inertia rotor system is no problem in powered flight if the governor / throttle is managed properly, however, it makes the R22 harder to fly in autorotation where management of the rotor RPM is crucial for a safe outcome.

How far can a Robinson R22 fly?

The Robinson R22 has a range of 250 miles, the Bell 206 has a range of 385 miles, and the MIL MI-26, with its fuel tank capacity that is 100x greater than the R22, has a maximum range of 497 miles.

How much does it cost to run a Robinson R44?

The R44 is like a sports sedan; the big turbine helicopters are like trucks. The piston engine provides instant power changes without the spool-up time of a turbine. Aside from oil changes, nothing in the R44 requires service between 100-hour inspections. Direct operating costs are approximately $170 per hour.

How much does a Robinson R44 cost?

about $475,000
Today the R44 sells for about $475,000, the R22 for about $300,000 and the R66 — a five-seat turbine-powered model introduced in 2010 — for about $900,000. In all, Robinson has made more than 12,000 helicopters, with at least 60% of recent sales going to foreign buyers.

What is the difference between R44 and R66?

The obvious difference between the piston-powered R44 and the turbine-powered R66 is the engine, but there are other features that make the R66 an entirely new machine, even though there’s no mistaking that it is a product of Robinson Helicopter.

How far can a Robinson R66 fly?

Robinson R66 Turbine Specs

Range* 260 nm
Range* 418 km
Maximum Cruise Speed Not Provided
Maximum Cruise Speed Not Provided

Is Robinson R22 safe?

The Good: The R22 is hands-down the world’s leader in civil helicopter training. It is like the Cessna 152 of the fixed-wing world. The helicopter is reliable, cost effective and safe if operated within its guidelines. Like it or not Frank Robinson and the R22 created an entire new helicopter market.

Can you trailer a Robinson R22?

With our custom trailer we can provide blade-off R22 recovery and transportation up and down the East Coast. Our staff of Robinson Certified A&Ps can also reinstall your blades and balance your ship.

Are helicopters expensive to maintain?

Then there are the unexpected costs of maintenance and parts needing to be replaced when there is an issue. All these things mean that the cost of owning a helicopter quickly adds up. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars a year on maintenance and parts.

Is the R66 safer than the R44?

The R44 is a demonstration of the most reliability that you could ever get from a piston engine; the Robinson R66 and similar light turbine helicopters demonstrate the least reliability that you could ever get from a turbine engine. . .

What type of fuel does a Robinson R66 use?

The turbine burns Jet-A fuel at a rate of 23 US gallons (87 l) per hour, compared to 15 US gallons (57 l) of avgas per hour for the O-540. At Heli Expo 2018, Robinson introduced a cargo hook as an optional equipment.

Is Robinson R22 easy to fly?

The Robinson R22 Helicopter’s Performance In Flight It’s not fast with a never-exceed speed of 102 knots, but you’re not racing. Because of its light design, small size, piston engine, and sensitive flight control system, the R22 is very snappy.

How much does a Robinson R22 weigh?

Manufactured by Robinson Helicopter, the Robinson R22 is a two bladed, single engine, light utility helicopter. The two seat R22 has been produced since 1979. The helicopter has the capacity for one crew member. The empty weight is 796 lb (389 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 1370 lb (635 kg).

What is the maximum speed of an R22?

The two seat R22 has been produced since 1979. The helicopter has the capacity for one crew member. The empty weight is 796 lb (389 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 1370 lb (635 kg). Cruise speed is 96 knots (110 mph, 177 km/h) and maximum speed is 102 knots (117 mph, 189 km/h). The rate of climb is 1200 ft/min (6.1 m/s).

How much does an R22 overhaul kit cost?

R22 Overhaul Kit Pricing: JOIN OUR NEXT LARGE PARTS ORDER FOR ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS. $97,850 (+ $15,300 Core Charge) (Pricing based upon More Info Please disable reader view if you are seeing text only. Manufactured by Robinson Helicopter, the Robinson R22 is a two bladed, single engine, light utility helicopter.

Is there an R22 Beta 2 for sale for sale?

NOTE: This helicopter is available for sale only to US based buyers. More Info For sale is a 2006 R22 Beta 2 that was last overhauled July 2016 at 2,200 hours. This is a perfect ship for a private use person! 117 hours remaining or… More Info In the market for an overhaul-ready R22?

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