How much does it cost to Reshaft a club?

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How much does it cost to Reshaft a club?

The average cost to reshaft your golf clubs is $24 per club plus the cost of the shaft and grip. A new iron shaft and grip can range between $10 and $95 while a new driver shaft and grip can range between $18 and $440. The majority of the cost comes down to what type of shaft you want and what grips you like.

Is Reshafting old irons worth it?

Is it Worth Reshafting your Irons? According to most golfers, it is worth reshafting irons if your iron shaft is damaged, or if the shaft is not suitable for your swing.

Is it worth it to Reshaft golf clubs?

Reshafting is just one way to keep your clubs performing at a high level. You can also benefit from regripping your clubs. Replacing worn-out golf grips can help make your clubs feel new again. Adding the right shaft to your favorite clubs can get you back on the course and working toward a new personal low round.

Is it easy to Reshaft irons?

Golf irons can be a bit easier to reshaft than a driver. If you are reshafting with steel irons, it is usually pretty straightforward. However, you will need the proper tools and space to complete this project.

Can any shaft fit any driver?

Yes, most golf Driver shafts are interchangeable. Golf driver shafts can be replaced as long as the new shaft is the same length and made by the same brand of golf club.

How long do golf shafts last?

Shaft Lifespan A golf club shaft generally won’t wear out. In fact it’s one of the only parts of a club that stays pretty much in the same condition it arrived in. You can expect a shaft to last 20 years, with other components failing way before any shaft will.

How do you replace a shaft on a golf club?

During the procedure, the older shafts on your iron or driver will be removed by heating the shaft with a heat gun. Once the older shaft is removed, the undercarriage will be cleaned up with a sandpaper until it is shiny in appearance. The newer shaft will be cut to size and applied to the golf club using an epoxy.

What is re-shafting a golf club?

Re-shafting a golf club is the process of removing the old shaft and replacing it with a newer one. Golfers may often have this process done if they want a new shaft or the previous one broke.

What tools do you need to reshaft a golf club?

If doing the job yourself, tools such as the grips, dremel tool epoxy glue, tape and solvent will be needed in order to complete the job. If you want the manufacturer to reshaft the club, then you will more than likely have to pay shipping fees both ways.

How much does it cost to replace a golf clubs grips?

This process can range anywhere from $5 to $15. Grips are going to vary in pricing. Higher end grips are going to cost more than a lower end grip. This is going to be all up to the user on what type of grip you want. Clubs that require a special adapter such as a bore-thru head can cost an extra $5 to $20.

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