How much does Disney On Ice skaters make?

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How much does Disney On Ice skaters make?

You could skate on a cruise ship or with a traveling show like Disney on Ice and make between $500 to $800 a week, depending on the show, your part in it, and your experience level (source). High-end champs make bigger bucks all the way around, but the field is hugely competitive. Most skaters end up coaching.

Is Disney On Ice actually on Ice?

Disney on Ice, originally Walt Disney’s World on Ice, is a series of touring ice shows produced by Feld Entertainment’s Ice Follies And Holiday on Ice, Inc. under agreement with The Walt Disney Company….Disney on Ice.

Disney on Ice in Malmö, Sweden on January 17, 2019.
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Who is Elsa in Disney On Ice?

Snow Queen Elsa, of “Frozen 2,” is played by Shakopee-native Olivia Oltmanns. The 24-year-old started skating when she was just two years old, having grown up with a mother who is a figure skating coach.

Where can I watch Disney On Ice?

Streaming now! Tune in to see Disney On Ice spotlighted in a new episode of “Disney Insider,” exclusively on Disney+.

Who skates for Disney On Ice?

Principal Skaters

  • Freddy Allain. Canada.
  • Daniel Arsenault. United States.
  • Laura Chavez. United States.
  • Shanda DeWitt. United States.
  • Alexis Gagnon. United States.
  • Bob Goodwin. Canada.
  • Brittany Hanford. United States.
  • Michael Helgren. United States.

How old are Disney On Ice skaters?

Team players. High school graduates at least 17 years of age.

What characters will be at Disney On Ice 2021?

What are the “Disney On Ice” 2021-22 shows?

  • “Dream Big” prominently features Disney princesses such as Elsa from Frozen and Moana from Moana.
  • “Mickey’s Search Party” stars Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy as well as characters from Coco, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid in an interactive adventure.

Who plays Belle in Disney On Ice?

Jamie Hathaway is a professional skater who has been performing with Disney On Ice since 2019.

Is Disney On Ice coming back?

Currently, the first shows are slated to run from April 1 to April 4 in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally, Disney On Ice had started performances again in October 2020 but shut down again in February 2021 due to “multiple and repeated COVID-19 violations” — read more here.

What skills do you need for Disney On Ice?

All skaters who audition for Disney On Ice must be of a very high caliber….Qualifications

  • Skaters that are at the junior/senior level.
  • Skaters with strong skating skills and who are especially good at edges and turns.
  • Performers with acting skills.
  • Team players.
  • High school graduates at least 17 years of age.

How do you become a Disney On Ice skater?

Most of the time, the Disney On Ice audition team can decide if a skater is qualified for the show based on their resume, photo, and video. If a personal audition is needed, an audition will be arranged when Disney On Ice comes near a skater’s hometown.

Who are the skaters in Disney On Ice 2021?

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