How much does a supra key box cost?

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How much does a supra key box cost?

Keyboxes are available for purchase for $123.00 at PRO/CPRO from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, or contact Membership at 727-347-7655 and select option 2 for instructions on how to obtain a Keybox.

How do you get into the Supra key safe?

Each button should click when pressed. There should be a small amount of movement between the Supra KeySafe ™ lid and the vault. If there isn’t any movement, the keys inside may have fallen forward and jammed the lid shut. We recommend you use a blunt object and tap around the outside of the vault to loosen the key.

What is Supra lockbox?

Supra’s system includes iBox TM lockboxes that can be opened by Bluetooth R or infrared signals, the eKEY TM application that turns a smart phone into a lockbox key. A data record is created when a lockbox is opened, so real estate agents can obtain real-time showing information.

What is supra eKEY for?

The Supra eKEY® app runs on popular smartphones and include PIN-code security. The keys record events each time a keybox is opened. Supra electronic keyboxes have been used on millions of homes. Current models of keyboxes can be opened using Bluetooth or infrared signals.

How do I open a supra iBox without a key?

Open the eKEY app on your smartphone, select Activate eKEY and enter the authorization code. Each time a Supra user grants you permission to open an iBox BT you will receive a text message and email notifying you of the address, listing ID, and hours you are eligible to access the iBox BT.

How do I find my Supra key pin?

Existing keyholders can obtain an authorization code from SupraWEB, Mobile SupraWEB, or from your association/MLS Supra system administrator….Obtain an authorization code from SupraWEB:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Login to SupraWEB.
  3. Login to SupraWEB.
  4. Select Authorization Code.

Who can use supra eKEY?

Supra has secure access for non-Association members to access residential properties with authorized access from a Supra keyholder, which is available via Bluetooth keyboxes through a tablet or smartphone for a limited time of 2-to-72 hours.

How do I reset my Supra key safe?

On the front of the KeySafe, pressing only the buttons in your combination, press each button in until it clicks. If you press the wrong button, push down on the clear button and enter your code again. Press down on the OPEN button open. If the combination is set correctly, the locking pin will retract fully.

How do I find my Supra key pin and serial number?

If you need to call Supra’s call center for assistance with your Supra key, you will be asked to provide your eKEY serial number. To locate your eKEY serial number, open the eKEY app on your smartphone or tablet.

What is supra key box storakey?

Supra Key Box StorAKey – S6 surface mountGE Security Lock Box Supra key boxes are designed to store keys and small items, allowing anyone to enter that has the proper combination. This Lock Box hangs easily on a doorknob, fence, railing or pipe. Just…

What are the features of supra 000604 over-the-door combination key box?

Supra 000604 Over-The-Door Combination Key Box Features: Set your combination using A-Z in seconds. Hangs easily over the door and is secured when the door is closed. Portable key safe is constructed of sturdy metal with protective rubber shield…

What is supra 000534 surface mount key box M5?

Supra 000534 Surface Mount Key Box M5Features: The mortise allows you to create a keyed alike system for easier key management and quicker access. Accepts 1-1/4″and 1-1/8″ length mortise cylinders.

How big is Gege security 001004 access point assorted size portable key safe?

GE Security 001004 Access Point Assorted Size Portable Key Safe Spare key storage Convenient and secure Installs in minutes. Must be mounted to flat surface. Set your own code Holds 2 keys Carded. This Product is manufactured in China. 1.4 pounds 2.5 x 5.75 x 8.75 inches

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