How much does a CAT 257 weight?

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How much does a CAT 257 weight?

7676 lbs
Operating Specifications

Breakout Force – Lift Cylinder 3490 lbs (1,583 kg)
Max Speed – high range 7 mph (11 kph)
Operating Weight 7676 lbs (3,482 kg)
Rated Operating Capacities – 35% Tipping Load 1614 lbs (732 kg)
Rated Operating Capacities – 50% Tipping Load 2306 lbs (1,046 kg)

How much horsepower does a CAT 257B have?

61.7 hp

Aspiration turbocharged
Displacement 134.3 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model 3024C T
Gross Power 61.7 hp (46 kw)
Net Power 57.7 hp (43 kw)

What year is a Cat 257B?

Caterpillar 257B Specifications & Technical Data (2004-2014) | LECTURA Specs.

Is a Cat 257B High Flow?

High flow hydraulic system is available on the 257B Series 3 and 259B Series 3 for greater machine versatility and increased work tool performance. Cooling capacity is maximized through the use of a side-by-side cooling package and hydraulically driven cooling fan.

How much does a case tv380 weight?

Operating Specifications

Lift Configuration Vertical
Operating Weight 10000 lbs (4,536 kg)

What kind of oil does a CAT skid steer take?

The preferred lubricant for Cat hydraulic systems is Caterpillar Hydraulic Oil (HYDO).

What engine is in Cat 257B?

Product Description. This is a Brand New Cat 3024C engine for CAT 257B, 247B, 216B, 242B, 226B Skid steers.

What year is a Cat 247B?

Caterpillar 247B II Specifications & Technical Data (2008-2017)

What engine is in a Cat 257B?

How do I know if my cat has a high flow skid steer?

You can calculate this by multiplying the flow in GPM by the pressure in PSI. Divide the resulting number by 1714. This final number tells you the measure of auxiliary hydraulics productivity. For maximum productivity you must have maximum attachment horsepower.

What motor is in a case TV380?


Alternator 160 A
Engine Model FPT F5B FL413 E B002
Gross Power 90 hp (67 kw)
Net Power 84 hp (63 kw)
Number of Cylinders 4

What is a case TV380?

With its vertical lift design, there is not much that the CASE TV380 cannot lift or load. This durable machine is designed for the toughest jobs that require high breakout force and high capacity. Easy maintenance is achieved with grouped maintenance points that can be found in one, convenient location.

How often do you change hydraulic fluid in a skid steer?

They also recommend that you change the hydraulic filters at the 250-hour mark. Once your skid-steer has put in 500 working hours, it’s time to change the fuel filter. It also time to check and adjust the chain tension. At the 1,000-hour mark, the radiator coolant, chain case oil, and hydraulic oil should be changed.

What hydraulic fluid does Caterpillar use?

Caterpillar is introducing a new hydraulic oil to the fluid product line, Cat® HYDOTM Advanced 10. This new oil is a combination of premium additives and specially selected and controlled higher quality base oils designed to provide extended drain intervals and extra protection to hydraulic system components.

What engine is in a Cat 247b?

3024C T

How much does a t300 Bobcat weight?

9702 lbs
Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 30 gal (114 l)
Max Speed – high range 6.6 mph (11 kph)
Operating Weight 9702 lbs (4,401 kg)

Can I add high flow to my skid steer?

High-flow hydraulics coupled with skid steer attachments can increase productivity. However, it’s important to compare the benefits vs. the added costs to ensure adequate return on investment. Auxiliary high-flow hydraulic systems can dramatically increase skid-steer loader productivity in the right applications.

How much can a case TV380 lift?

with a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 3,400 lbs. and a bucket breakout force of 8,700 lbs. Vertical-lift TV380 weighs 10,550 lbs., provides 7,510 lbs.

Who makes engines for Case skid steer?

Fiat Powertrain Technologies
The 90 hp Compact Hi-eSCR engines, designed and manufactured by CASE’s partner company FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies), have higher combustion efficiency.

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