How much does a 12 foot aluminum boat weight?

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How much does a 12 foot aluminum boat weight?

12 Foot Jon Boat Weight: Average weight of 170 pounds (77kg) which is based on an average hull weight of 110 pounds (50kg) and average 6hp engine weight of 60 pounds (27kg). Sample Size: Alumacraft 12 Foot Jon Boat: 105 pounds (48kg)

How much does my aluminum boat weigh?

The weight of an aluminum fishing boat largely depends on the size of the engine. With a small motor, an aluminum fishing boat can weigh as little as 650 pounds. With a bigger, more powerful motor, they can weigh approximately 900 pounds.

How much weight can a 12 foot aluminum row boat hold?

Alumacraft 12 Foot Jon Boat: weighs 105 pounds with 455 pounds of carrying capacity.

How much does an old aluminum boat weigh?

Here’s How Much Boats Weigh on Average

Type of Boat Average Weight
Aluminum Fishing Boats 300 – 500 pounds
Bow Rider 3,000 – 3,500 pounds
Cabin Cruiser 12,000 – 16,000 pounds
Cuddy Cabin 3,000 – 5,000 pounds

How much does a 12ft aluminum boat and trailer weigh?

Whether it is a 12 foot aluminum boat or a 21 foot pontoon boat, the most common question I get asked is how much does a boat and trailer weigh….Inshore – Saltwater Fishing Boat and Trailer Weights.

Saltwater Boat Make and Model Dry Weight Package Weight (Boat, Trailer, Motor)
Robalo R245 4530 lbs 6800 lbs

How much does a 12 foot dinghy weigh?

12 foot dinghy

Construction Clinker (Original) GRP (modern)
Hull weight 104 kg (229 lb)
LOA 3.66 m (12.0 ft)
Beam 1.43 m (4 ft 8 in)

How much does a 12 foot boat trailer weigh?

Large enclosed trailers, namely those 12 feet or longer with a bumper pull coupler, typically weigh about 2,700 pounds when empty. Some are little as 900 pounds. Heavy-duty models weigh up to 5,200 pounds.

How heavy is a 14 foot aluminum boat?

You can find some v-hull designs that are in the 150-pound range, which are reasonably easy to move around. But flat-bottomed jon boats tend to weigh more. Add in under-floor storage and a wider design and weights approaching 300 pounds are possible.

How much do aluminum boat trailers weigh?

Single-axle boat trailers typically weigh up to about 600 lbs and have a capacity up to about 3,300 lbs. Tandem-axle boat trailers usually weigh up to around 1,000 lbs.

What is the max hp for a 12 foot aluminum boat?

Maximum horsepower is based upon the size of your boat, with the range being around 3-5hp for small 10-12 foot boats, all the way up to 60-75hp for longer 18-20 foot Jon Boats. You should follow your boat manufacturer’s suggested horsepower for the specific size of your boat.

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