How much do entertainment lawyers make in New York?

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How much do entertainment lawyers make in New York?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $220,781 and as low as $22,406, the majority of Entertainment Lawyer salaries currently range between $54,102 (25th percentile) to $109,297 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $165,039 annually in New York.

What is included in entertainment law?

Entertainment law, also referred to as media law, is legal services provided to the entertainment industry. These services in entertainment law overlap with intellectual property law. Intellectual property has many moving parts that include trademarks, copyright, and the “Right of Publicity”.

How competitive is entertainment law?

2. Entertainment Law Is Competitive It’s no secret that entertainment law is a competitive area of law in which to practice. Who wouldn’t want to work with major musicians, actors, directors, and producers? For those reasons, entertainment law can be a hard niche to break into.

How much do Hollywood lawyers make?

The average annual salary for Entertainment Attorneys is approximately $117,600. The salary range for Entertainment Attorneys runs from $77,000 to $186,000.

What are the four sources of entertainment law?

Primary Sources

  • The Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8.
  • Statutes. Federal statutes relavant to various aspects of the entertainment industry include, but are not limited to:
  • Regulations. Federal administrative regulations are codified in the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Case Law.

Why do you need an entertainment lawyer?

If you’re involved in the entertainment industry (or want to sue someone who is) you may want to hire an entertainment lawyer if: You’re entering into or negotiating terms of a contract. Someone else has violated a contract. Someone stole your intellectual property.

How long is law school for entertainment law?

Program Length Students can complete the program in 12 months.

Are Entertainment Lawyers in demand?

Entertainment Lawyer Growth Trend Jobs for lawyers, including entertainment lawyers, are expected to increase 9 percent in the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS.

Are entertainment lawyers rich?

Average salaries for entertainment lawyers vary by city. For example, Law Crossing reports that average salaries were highest in Los Angeles where they earned ​$165,000​ per year. Those working in Glendale and San Franciso averaged ​$164,500​ per year. New York City entertainment lawyers averaged ​$161,000​.

What is the purpose of entertainment law?

Unlike divorce or corporate lawyers, an entertainment lawyer represents and protects the interests of creatives, companies and others in the many areas of the entertainment industry, such as film, television, new media, theater, publishing and music.

When did entertainment law start?

In the early days of the film industry, studios bound stars to long-term agreements. That system changed in the 1940s, when certain stars demanded fees that were higher than studios were willing to pay. Those stars then demanded, and received, one-film contracts for their services, which became the standard.

Who do entertainment lawyers represent?

The role of an entertainment lawyer being diverse, an entertainment lawyer is qualified enough to guard their clients’ intellectual property rights, represent them in court over disputes, negotiate contracts, act as an agent to maximize their earnings, and help them manage their taxes, among other responsibilities.

Where can I find an entertainment lawyer in New York?

EFFICIENTLY. Entertainment Lawyers at 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1420, New York, NY 10165 A Law Firm practicing Entertainment Law. A Law Firm practicing Entertainment Law. Entertainment Lawyers at 137 West 25th Street – Floor 5, New York, NY 10001 Entertainment Lawyers at 711 Third Avenue, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10017

What are the different types of entertainment law?

Commercial Litigation Entertainment Law – Motion… Media Law Copyright Law Litigation – Intellectual Property Tr… Labor and Employment Law – Management Entertainment and… Recognition by Best Lawyers is based entirely on peer review.

What does an entertainment attorney do?

Our entertainment attorneys are well-versed in the many different types of law that intersect with the entertainment industry. We assist with contract review, agreement negotiations, intellectual property registration, and protection, licensing, financing, general counsel, distribution, litigation, entity formation, and more.

Are there any good employment law firms in New York?

Wigdor LLP is widely considered one of the leading employment law firms in the country. Top Firms Get Top Verdicts. Period. Wigdor LLP is widely considered one of the leading employment law firms in the country. Top Firms Get Top Verdicts. Period. Entertainment Lawyers at 125 Park Ave., 25th Floor, New York, NY 10017