How much do DC plates cost?

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How much do DC plates cost?

Vehicle Tag Fees

Vehicle Tags Fee
Regular Tag Replacement $10.00
45-Day Temporary Tag or 45-Day Temporary DC Registration $13.00
Tag Transfer $12.00

How much does it cost to register a truck in Washington?

Vehicle weight fees are: $25 for cars up to 4,000 pounds. $45 for cars between 4,001 and 6,000 pounds. $65 for cars between 6,001 and 8,000 pounds.

What state has lowest plate fees?

Arizona has the lowest registration fee of $8, but the state adds a $32 public safety fee….Here are the 10 states with the highest car registration fees:

  • Iowa ($196)
  • Maryland ($135)
  • Oregon ($112)
  • Indiana ($101)
  • Alabama ($100)
  • Oklahoma ($96)
  • Connecticut ($88)
  • California ($86)

How do I get DC license plates?

You can use your current out-of-state tags to take your vehicle through inspection. If your tags have expired, you will need to visit a DC DMV service center, with your title and proof of DC insurance, to obtain a temporary DC registration to take the vehicle through inspection.

How much is DC registration?

Vehicle Registration Fees

Passenger Class A Vehicle Registration Fee
3,499 lbs or less $72.00/year
3,500 lbs – 4,999 lbs $115.00/year
5,000 lbs or more $155.00/year
Clean Fuel/Electric Vehicle (Hybrid) (First time registration only. Fee is different for renewals.) $36.00/year

How much do license plates cost in Washington?

On Friday, the price of a new plate will rise from $10 to $50, while replacing a lost plate will increase from $10 to $30. For motorcyclists, the cost of a license plate will go from $4 to $20 and a replacement will cost $12, also up from $4.

How long do DC tags last?

You have the option to renew it for one or two years. Find more information on registration renewal fees.

How are cars taxed in DC?

District of Columbia Sales Tax on Car Purchases: The District of Columbia collects a 6% state sales tax rate on the purchase of all vehicles that weigh under 3,499 pounds. A tax rate of7% is charged if the vehicle weighs between 3,500 and 4,999 pounds, and 8% is charged for vehicles that weigh at least 5,000 pounds.

What do I need for DC tags?

To apply for temporary DC registration or tags, visit a DC DMV office and present:

  1. Certificate of Title / Temporary Tag Application (Form DMV-CTA-001).
  2. Signed vehicle title.
  3. Proof of DC car insurance.
  4. DC driver license or ID card.
  5. Payment for the temporary DC registration or tags fee, title, and lienholder fees.

How much is a custom car registration?

Two characters cost R6,000, three characters cost R4,000, and others to a maximum of seven letters or numbers cost R1,750. Gauteng has the second most expensive personalised plates, but charges much less for its low-character plates. In GP three characters cost R5,950 and between four to seven characters cost R3,450.

How much do tabs cost in Washington?

Tab fees start with $30, go up from there $30 license fee. $25 base weight fee (vehicles less than 4,000 pounds) $8 service fee (kept by the subagent if registered there, used for the state ferry system if registered at a county or state office.) $4.50 filing fee.

What does DC license plate mean?

the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles
As of 2022, plates are issued by the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV). Front and rear plates are required for most classes of vehicles, while only rear plates are required for motorcycles and trailers.

What is a DC number plate?

Diplomatic number plates issued to foreign missions and staff in the ACT display the letters DC or DX followed by four or five numerals. Official vehicles and those owned by diplomatic staff and dependants carry DC number plates.

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