How much are tickets for the Mary Rose?

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How much are tickets for the Mary Rose?

GBP8 – GBP16 ⋅ Rose Museum / Tickets

Where did Henry VIII watch the Mary Rose sink?

On 19th July 1545, while Henry VIII watched, the Mary Rose sank very quickly, in the Solent, between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. The Mary Rose was part of an English fleet trying to stop the French ships landing on the Isle of Wight, but sank before firing a single shot.

Can you just walk around Portsmouth dockyard for free?

The Historic Dockyard is free to walk around and look inside the shops and the cafes, you only pay if you want to go onto one of the ships.

Is it free to go into Portsmouth dockyard?

No – it is a paid attraction. However you can go to Portsmouth Hard and see the boots across the jetty, you just won’t be able to get close or go on them. Alternatively you can see a range of boats from Old Portsmouth, including the IOW ferry.

Who found the Mary Rose?

We always talk about Alexander McKee being the person who discovered the wreck of the Mary Rose, but although it was because of him the ship was rediscovered in the 1970s, there are a few people who got up close to Henry VIII’s flagship while she was still on the sea bed long before he first laid eyes on her timbers…

Is HMS Victory free?

You can access the dockyard without having to pay anything. Access to most of its exhibits such as HMS Victory etc, will have to be paid for.

Is it free to go into Portsmouth Dockyard?

How much does it cost to get into Portsmouth Dockyard?

GBP27 – GBP31 ⋅ Historic Dockyard / Tickets

Do you have tickets for the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth?

We have a range of tickets giving you extraordinary access to the world-class attractions based at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, including the amazing Mary Rose Museum. Buy tickets and book your time slot to visit up to the end of the year.

How do I purchase tickets for the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard experience?

Prior to your visit to the museum you will need to pass through the the main dockyard gates. If you have not purchased tickets online, this is where you will purchase your tickets for the new Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Experience.

What is the car park postcode at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard?

For satellite navigation devices the car park postcode is PO1 3GW (Admiralty Road). Find out more Choose from our range of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard tickets One Attraction Ticket

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