How many UIL districts are there in Texas?

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How many UIL districts are there in Texas?

The districts are numbered from 1 (in far west Texas) to 32 (in south Texas). There are always 32 districts in Conference 6A and Conference 5A, but the smaller conferences may have numbers skipped based on the number of schools in the conference.

What is UIL classification?

Classification of Schools UIL member schools are divided into six conferences according to enrollment. Conferences, in order of enrollment, are 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A.

What does 5A mean in Texas high school sports?

3A Division I Alignment – revised Apr 03, 2020. 3A Division II Alignment. 4A Division I Alignment. 4A Division II Alignment. 5A Division I Alignment.

How many Texas high school football districts are there?

Most Playoff Teams Of the 192 new UIL Texas high school football districts, only five are comprised entirely of playoff teams.

Are there any 6A schools in Texas?

The Austin area is now home to three 6A districts. Westlake and Lake Travis are part of a nine-team district. Buda Johnson and Dripping Springs are the newcomers to District 26-6A. Hutto and Weiss High School join District 12-6A, and it will require some travel, playing schools in Killeen, Temple and Bryan.

What is the difference between Texas 6A Division 1 and 2?

Conference 6A: the top four teams from each district advance to the playoffs. The two schools with the largest enrollments automatically advance to the Division I bracket. The remaining two schools advance into the Division II bracket. There are two state champions per conference in Conference 6A.

What schools are 6A in Texas?

District 12-6A

  • Weiss.
  • Hutto.
  • Bryan.
  • Copperas Cove.
  • Killeen.
  • Killeen Harker Heights.
  • Temple.

What does 1A/2A/3A 4A mean?

2A- 2A Schools. 1A- 1A Schools. c) Boys Basketball: 5A- 5A Schools. 4A- 4A Schools. 3A- 3A Schools.

How many 6A schools are in Texas?

Here are the conference cutoff numbers for each classification of the current 2022-24 UIL realignment cycle, as well as the number of schools in all classification levels: Class 6A → 2,225 and above (249 schools)

Does Texas have 7A schools?

The five largest schools in the state are all in the Dallas area: Allen, Plano West, Plano East, Plano and Duncanville, according to the last realignment enrollment figures. One thing that could be lost with the creation of 7A is traditional rivalries.

What is the smallest high school in Texas?

Dell City High (which is technically not its own school, but rather a division of Dell City School) has thirteen total students—eleven of them boys—and is playing six-man football for the first time since 2018.

How big is a 4A school in Texas?

Class 5A: 1,300 to 2,224 includes 253 schools: 252 (Basketball), 251 (Football), 253 (Volleyball); Class 4A: 545 to 1,299 includes 214 schools: 213 (Basketball), 193 (Football), 209 (Volleyball); Class 3A: 250 to 544 includes 233 schools: 230 (Basketball), 204 (Football), 220 (Volleyball);

How many 5A schools are in Texas?

Class 6A → 2,225 and above (249 schools) Class 5A → 1,300-2,224 (251) 5A Division I → 1,925 – 2,224 (132 schools) 5A Division II → 1,300 – 1,924 (119 schools) Class 4A → 545-1,299 (192) 4A Division I → 880 – 1,299 (99 schools) 4A Division II → 545 – 879 (93 schools)

Does Texas have 7A?

That gives us a Class 7A composed of schools across the state with 3,270 students or more. Looking at the existing Texas high school sports landscape, 47 schools already meet or exceed the 3,270-student enrollment cutoff.

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