How many New 52 Batman comics are there?

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How many New 52 Batman comics are there?

DC released a total of 111 ongoing titles during The New 52. To expand The New 52 universe, DC has also released 34 one-shots, 32 miniseries and four maxiseries, with one ongoing series planned. One ongoing series was planned but did not release before Rebirth took effect in June 2016.

Is Azrael a member of the Bat family?

Azrael is one of Batman’s most unhinged allies, but Arkham City: The Order of the World shows that he is the Bat-Family’s most dangerous member.

Who is the best bat family member?

Ranking top 5 members of the Batman family

  • Damian Wayne (Image via DC Comics)
  • Barbara Gordan (Image via DC Comics)
  • Jason Todd (Image via DC Comics)
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Image via DC Comics)
  • Dick Grayson (Image via DC Comics)

Is Catwoman bat family?

The Batman Family of the Golden Age was expanded to include Batman’s former rival, Catwoman as Bruce Wayne’s wife, Selina Kyle. From their marriage came their daughter, Helena Wayne, who would go on to become Huntress, following her father’s steps.

Is Harley Quinn a member of the Bat family?

Harley Quinn has come a long way, as the former DC Comics villain has solidified herself as an integral part of Batman’s Bat-Family.

Who is the smartest person in the bat family?

Batman: Every Bat-Family Member, Ranked By Intelligence

  • 8 Batwoman.
  • 7 Nightwing.
  • 6 Alfred Pennyworth.
  • 5 Damian Wayne.
  • 4 Tim Drake.
  • 3 Batwing.
  • 2 Batman.
  • 1 Barbara Gordon.

Is Gotham girl part of the bat-family?

Gotham Girl is a part of the large group of heroes known as the Bat-family.

What is the best order to read the Batman New 52?

Full Batman New 52 Reading Order 1 Batman #0 2 Batman #21 3 Batman #22 4 Batman #23 5 Batman Annual #2 6 Batman #24 7 Detective Comics #25 8 Batwing #25 9 Action Comics #25 10 Green Arrow #25

What is the New 52?

The New 52 initiative lasted from 2011 to 2015 and encompasses all of the books which Batman was a part of which is: Batman, All-Star Western, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Incorporated, Eternal.

How did the bat family change after Flashpoint?

In DC’s New 52, the Bat Family underwent significant changes after Flashpoint. By the end of “Flashpoint,” the entire DC Universe changed, and the New 52 began.

Who is Batwing in the New 52?

In the original timeline, Batwing was David Zavimbe, the Batman of Africa in Batman Incorporated. The New 52 kept things the same at first, but soon David retired, and Luke Fox took his place. Luke was the son of Lucious Fox, and Batman chose him to replace David and sent him to Africa to work as the new Batwing.

How much is a detective Batman comic worth?

Did you know Detective Comics No. 27 is worth more than $1 million? It’s true. This rare copy of Detective Comics from 1939 sold for more than $1 million – making it one of the most valuable comics books ever!

Is New 52 Batman finished?

The New 52 branding ended after the completion of the “Convergence” storyline in May 2015, although the continuity of The New 52 continued. In June 2015, 24 new titles were launched, alongside 25 returning titles, with several of those receiving new creative teams.

How many Batman Detective Comics are there?

Detective Comics
No. of issues List (vol. 1): 883 (#1–881, plus issues numbered #0 and #1,000,000) and 12 Annuals (vol. 2): 57 (#1–52, plus issues numbered #0 and #23.1 through 23.4) and 3 Annuals (vol. 1 cont.): 120 (#934–1050) and 4 Annuals (as of March 2022 cover date)

Is Detective Comics still ongoing?

The series published 881 issues between 1937 and 2011 and is the longest continuously published comic book in the United States….

Detective Comics
Format Ongoing series
Publication date List (vol. 1) March 1937 – October 2011 (vol. 2) November 2011 – July 2016 (vol. 1 cont.) August 2016–present

What Batman comics are worth money?

Detective Comics #27 – $1,200,000 This 1939 comic book, featuring the first appearance of Batman, is currently the second-most valuable comic book in the world (after 1938’s Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Superman), worth over a million dollars!

Why is there no number in Detective Comics 27?

The omission of the # is due to technical restrictions. Detective Comics #27 is an American comic book of the Detective Comics anthology series known for debuting the superhero Batman in a featured story called “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate” during the Golden Age of Comic Books.

What is the 75th anniversary issue of Detective Comics?

This is a special mega-sized anniversary issue celebrating the 75 years since the appearing of the character of Batman in the original Detective Comics #27, published in 1939. This issue is also part of the regular run of the second volume of Detective Comics, part of the New52 line of comic books by DC Comics.

Is Dick Grayson still Nightwing or has he become Batman?

Plus it doesn’t make sense that Dick is still Nightwing at this point while Damian Wayne has become Batman, given that Dick mentored Damian as Robin while Bruce was reportedly dead and missing for a long time in some pre-New 52 comics. So, another mess.

What is DCDC’s relaunched Batman?

DC’s flagship titles is relaunched for the first time ever, with new Batman adventures from acclaimed writer/artist Tony S. Daniel! A killer called The Gotham Ripper is on the loose on Batman’s home turf – leading The Dark Knight on a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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