How many Love Comes Softly dvds are there?

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How many Love Comes Softly dvds are there?

To date, there are a whopping eleven Love Comes Softly movies.

What is the order of Love Comes Softly series?

Love Comes Softly2003Love’s Enduring Promise2004Love’s Long Journey2005Love’s Abiding Joy2006Love’s Unending Legacy2007Love’s Unfolding Dream2007
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Does Hallmark have Love Comes Softly?

It was directed by Michael Landon Jr., and stars Katherine Heigl as a young woman named Marty Claridge….

Love Comes Softly
Running time 88 min.
Original network Hallmark Channel
Original release April 13, 2003

How many movies are there in the Love series?

A List of The Correct Order of the 11 Movies in The Love Comes Softly Series.

Where was the Love Comes Softly series filmed?

Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park, Pilot Hill, California, USA (House Marty Claridge lives in with Clark and Missie Davis. American River in background.)

What movies are in the Love Comes Softly series?

How many shows in the Love Comes Softly series?

Where Does Love’s long journey take place?

Tettsford Junction
Missie (Erin Cottrell) and Willie (Logan Bartholomew) are two married settlers who live on a farm near the frontier town of Tettsford Junction.

Who plays Nate in Love Comes Softly?

Logan Bartholomew

Actor Role
Logan Bartholomew Willie Nathan (‘Nate’) LaHaye
K’Sun Ray Aaron Davis
Cara DeLizia Annie Walker
Dominic Scott Kay Mattie LaHaye

Who is Ellie Davis?

Elvira “Ellie” Davis is the second biological child of Clark and Marty Davis, and the second daughter of the Davis family. She was born three years after brother Arnie and three years before brother Luke.

Is there a sequel to Love Finds a Home?

The film is based on the book Love Finds a Home by Janette Oke. Sarah Jones, Haylie Duff, and Jordan Bridges reprise their roles from Love Takes Wing….

Love Finds a Home
Preceded by Love Takes Wing
Followed by Love Begins

Where Does Love Comes Softly take place?

What is the story plot and setting of the film Love’s Long Journey?

Newlywed settlers (Erin Cottrell, Logan Bartholomew) face hardship as they build new lives. Missie’s surprise pregnancy sets her on a new course that is both thrilling and terrifying.

What is the second volume of LoveLove Comes Softly?

Love Comes Softly Series Volume 2 – Love’s Abiding Joy / Love’s Unending Legacy / Love’s Unfolding Dream. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

How many discs are in the Love Comes Softly series?

This set comes with 10 discs. All of the Love Comes Softly movies are included in this set. Great buy. Would definately recommend to anyone who loves the books or movies.

What is the Complete Love Comes Softly about?

The Complete Love Comes Softly 8-DVD Collection in a Collector’s Edition Slipcase. A woman’s dream to forge a new life for herself on the great American plains becomes a test of her pioneering spirit, her inner strength, and her undying faith. It was Marty Claridge’s dream to build her new life on the frontier with her husband.

Is Love Comes Softly worth a read?

Love comes softly was recommended by our paster for me and my husband because we had some struggling issues. We usually like ending the day with one of these to watch and a bowl of ice cream. Very touching stories and good for the whole family. I also recommend getting The Magic of Ordinary Days that is a bit of a resemblance to Love Comes Softly.