How many international matches are played by Sachin Tendulkar?

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How many international matches are played by Sachin Tendulkar?

664 international cricket matches
Tendulkar played 664 international cricket matches in total, scoring 34,357 runs.

What is total ODI matches played by Sachin Tendulkar?

The correct answer is 463. Sachin Tendulkar has played 463 total number of ODI matches.

How many t20s has Sachin played?

Sachin Tendulkar has represented India in 664 international games. Of them 200 are Tests, 463 are ODIs and 1 is a T20I. Yes, Sachin has played just 1 T20I for India. Sachin’s T20I debut was on December 1, 2006, vs South Africa.

Did Sachin played IPL?

Sachin Tendulkar played his last IPL match in 2013 Apart from international cricketer, Tendulkar also marked his presence in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Though the maestro only participated in the first six seasons of IPL towards the fag end of his career, Sachin made the league his own in that short period.

Who is the god of bowling?

Sachin Tendulkar has made all the records to his name in batting. With this, he, as a bowler, has successfully defended 6 runs twice in the 50th over.

What is Sachin Tendulkar famous for?

(Show more) Sachin Tendulkar, in full Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, (born April 24, 1973, Bombay [Mumbai], India), Indian professional cricket player, considered by many to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time. In 2012 he became the first cricketer to score 100 centuries (100 runs in a single innings) in international play.

Does Sachin Tendulkar still play Test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar. He retired from ODI cricket later that year, and in 2013 he ended a six-year stint with the Indian Premier League (as a member of the Mumbai Indians) and retired from Test cricket, ending his playing days with records for the most career international runs (34,357) and Test runs (15,921).

Was Sachin Tendulkar first Indian to reach 50K runs in all formats?

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What happened to Sachin Tendulkar’s father?

Tendulkar lost his father during the 1999 World Cup, and returned home from England. He came back and scored a 140 against Kenya, dedicating the hundred to his father and giving birth to his ritual of looking up to the heavens after a hundred.