How many hours is Underrail?

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How many hours is Underrail?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 3 47h
Main + Extras 15 98h 10m
Completionists 9 136h 52m
All PlayStyles 27 105h 23m

How big is Underrail?

5 GB
Storage: 5 GB available space.

How long is Underrail expedition?

Typically a single full playthrough will take anywhere from 50-90 hours depending on your level of experience and how many quests you complete.

Is Underrail open world?

The game is open world.

What is Underrail expedition?

Underrail is a role-playing video game developed and published by Stygian Software for Microsoft Windows. It was first released in early access in late 2012 before officially releasing on December 18, 2015. An expansion, titled Expedition, was released in July 2019.

Where does Underrail take place?

Underrail takes place in the south end of the titular Underrail, which is a vast system of metro station-states, abandoned underground complexes, natural caverns and tunnels, underground rivers and lakes.

How do you craft Underrail?

To craft an item, you require three things:

  1. Blueprint of the item. Once you have obtained a blueprint and downloaded it to your wristpad, you can use it anywhere via your Crafting G menu.
  2. The crafting components specified in the blueprint.
  3. Relevant technological skills. (

What is Acorn Underrail?

ACoNR, also colloquially known as Acorn, is a plot item in Underrail: Expedition. It is located in Research and Development dome of Abyssal Station Zero.

Can you save Cliff Underrail?

When first met, Cliff is dying from wounds he received from the burrowers. To save him, you will need 30 persuasion or intimidation skill to avoid a firefight and the Doctor feat or a Coagulation Shot to stop him from bleeding out.

What is armor penalty Underrail?

Armor penalty is an important property of all armors. It reduces your Dodge, Evasion, Stealth and Movement Points by a percentage. The heavier the armor is, the more armor penalty it has. Total armor penalty is capped at 95% for most purposes, with the exception of feats such as Nimble.

What does RGP stand for in games?

RGP. Recreation Gambling Poker. Poker, Card Games, Gambling.

Where is abyssal zero?

Abyssal Station Zero is underwater. You need to find something, that once moved to L2, will allow you to dive down underwater to access the station. You know, something like a submarine… If you go North and hug the East side from L2, you will eventually find it up in the upper right corner of the Black Sea area.

Can you save Cliff dying light 2?

Keep going until you emerge outside, looking down on two Renegades trying to start a generator. Kill them, and then go to the objective marker to speak with Cliff. The choice during this conversation seems important, but again, it doesn’t matter what you choose — you still fight Cliff and his entourage.

How can we save cliffs?

To save him, you will need 30 persuasion or intimidation skill to avoid a firefight and the Doctor feat or a Coagulation Shot to stop him from bleeding out. It is also possible to save Cliff’s life by not triggering his quest to save his girlfriend.

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