How many games are played in the darts world championship?

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How many games are played in the darts world championship?

First- and second-round matches are the best-of-five sets. Third- and fourth-round matches are the best-of-seven sets. Quarter-finals are the best-of-nine sets, semi-finals are the best-of-11 sets and the final is best-of-13 sets.

What is the biggest Darts competition?

The World Darts Championship
The World Darts Championship has been held since 1994 and is the largest darts event in the world.

What are the main darts competitions?

A Guide To The Biggest PDC Darts Tournaments

  • PDC World Darts Championship.
  • World Matchplay.
  • The Boylesports World Grand Prix.
  • Ladbrokes UK Open.
  • Cazoo European Darts Championship.
  • World Cup of Darts.
  • Players Championship Finals.
  • Unibet Premier League Darts.

Who has won the most World Darts championships?

Phil Taylor
The most darts World Championship titles won is 16 by Phil Taylor (UK): two with the World Darts Organisation (WDO) in 1990 and 1992, and 14 with the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) in 1995–2002, 2004–2006, 2009–2010 and 2013.

How many games are in a set of darts?

How Many Sets and Legs are in a Darts Final. In the PDC World Championship Darts Finals, games consist of first to 3 legs per set with the game being first to 7 sets. Therefore, in order to win players need to win 21 legs of darts in total.

Is there a prize for a 9 dart finish?

The leg after the nine-darter (the fourth leg of the fifth set) van Gerwen hit another eight perfect darts but missed the last dart at the double to achieve consecutive nine-dart finishes. Both shared the £15,000 prize.

How many major darts tournaments are there?

The PDC developed and holds several championship competitions, including the annual PDC World Darts Championship, the World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, UK Open, Premier League, and Grand Slam.

Is the PDC Masters a major?

The Masters (also known as the Ladbrokes Masters for sponsorship purposes) is a non-ranking PDC darts tournament which features the top 24 darts players according to the PDC Order of Merit as of 2021.

How many sets are in a darts final?

The player who first wins three sets is the winner of the game. In “Matchplay Mode”, a certain number of Legs is specified. In “Best of 21 Legs”, the player who wins 11 Legs first wins the match.

How many games are in the Premier League darts?

Each of the seven matches is played over the best-of-11 legs. The players are guaranteed to meet each other once in the quarter-finals throughout the first seven weeks and once in the quarterfinals in weeks 9–15, with weeks 8 and 16 being drawn based on the league standings at that point.

What is the next darts tournament 2021?


Date Event Venue
Cazoo Grand Slam of Darts 13 – 21 November 2021 Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton
Cazoo Players Championship Finals 26 – 28 November 2021 Butlin’s Minehead Resort
William Hill World Darts Championship Tour Card Holder Qualifier 29 November 2021 Barnsley Metrodome

How much do you get for winning the Masters at the Darts?

Masters finals

Year Champion (average in final) Prize money
2017 Michael van Gerwen (109.42) £200,000
2018 Michael van Gerwen (105.85)
2019 Michael van Gerwen (99.82)

What is the PDC World Darts Championship?

The PDC World Darts Championship, known for sponsorship purposes as the William Hill World Darts Championship, organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), is one of the two separate World Professional Darts Championships held annually in the sport of darts.

How many darts tournaments are there in the world?

With 12 long-format 501 tournaments over four weekends across two countries, the Tour features a mix of darting legends, today’s top stars and tomorrow’s champions showcasing the passion and competition that makes darts the thrilling sport it is.

Will there be a World Darts Championship in 2021?

The World Darts Federation has indicated their intention to create their own world championship in 2021 once the COVID-19 pandemic situation has subsided. The PDC World Darts Championship has been held at Alexandra Palace in London since 2008, having previously been held at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet, Essex, from 1994 to 2007.

What channel is the World Darts Championship on TV?

Join us for the conclusion of the World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on Sky Sports. Check out daily Darts news on, our app for mobile devices and our Twitter account @skysportsdarts

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