How many floors is Wells Fargo Plaza Houston?

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How many floors is Wells Fargo Plaza Houston?

71Wells Fargo Plaza / Floors

How tall is the Wells Fargo building in Oregon?

546 ft
Wells Fargo Center is a 40-story, 166.4 m (546 ft) tower and a five-story adjacent office building with three levels of parking below the surface in Portland, Oregon. The tower became the tallest building in the state of Oregon when it was completed in 1972.

How many floors is Wells Fargo Center Portland?

40Wells Fargo Center / Floors
With 40 stories of Class A office space, Wells Fargo Center is Oregon’s tallest building. Towering over Downtown Portland, the building offers unmatched views of the Portland skyline, Mt. Hood and the Willamette River.

How many floors does the Wells Fargo building have?

It was built in 1998 and is the tallest skyscraper in Utah, standing 24 stories above street level and 121.9 m (400 ft) at roof level, 128.7 m (422 ft) at its highest point excluding the antenna….Wells Fargo Center (Salt Lake City)

Wells Fargo Center
Technical details
Floor count 24 1 below ground
Floor area 569,992 sq ft (52,954.0 m2)
Lifts/elevators 13

How tall is Wells Fargo Plaza?

992 ft
It is the tallest building named for Wells Fargo. From street level, the building is 302.4 meters (992 ft) tall and contains 71 floors. It extends four more stories below street level….Wells Fargo Plaza (Houston)

Wells Fargo Plaza
Completed 1982
Opening 1983
Roof 302.4 m (992 ft)

How tall is the JP Morgan Building Houston?

The JPMorgan Chase Tower, formerly Texas Commerce Tower, is a 305.4-meter (1,002-foot), 2,243,013-square-foot (208,382.7 m2), 75-story skyscraper at 600 Travis Street in Downtown Houston, Texas, United States.

Who owns Wells Fargo Center Portland?

NEW! An East Coast private investment firm has bought downtown Portland’s Wells Fargo Center from its namesake bank. Starwood Capital Group, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, will add the property to its $55 billion portfolio, largely made up of real estate investments throughout the world.

How many skyscrapers are in Salt Lake City?

Completed buildings

500 ft (152 m) to 599 ft (183 m) 400 ft (122 m) to 499 ft (152 m) Total
0 2 40

How many floors is the Wells Fargo building Salt Lake?

26Wells Fargo Center / Floors

How tall is the Wells Fargo Plaza in Houston?

How tall is the Chase Tower?

483 feet
The Chase Tower (formerly known as Valley Center and Bank One Center) in Phoenix, Arizona, is the tallest building in the state of Arizona. Built in 1972, it is 483 feet (147 m) tall….Chase Tower (Phoenix)

Chase Tower Phoenix
Owner Wentworth Property Company
Roof 483 ft (147 m)
Technical details

How many floors are in the JPMorgan Chase Tower Houston?

75JPMorgan Chase Tower / Floors
As the tallest five-side building in the world and the tallest building in Texas, JPMorgan Chase Tower is a modern 75-story tower with 1,660,488 square feet of rentable office space.

Where is the headquarters of Wells Fargo Bank?

San Francisco, CAWells Fargo / Headquarters

Is Salt Lake City Booming?

Here is the boom: Four Utah cities ranked among fastest-growing in 2021. SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – It’s no secret Utah is growing – it has been the fastest-growing state over the last decade, according to the latest census data.

What is the tallest building in the state of Utah?

Astra Tower

Rank Name Height
1 Astra Tower 136.8 m / 449 ft
2 Wells Fargo Center 128.6 m / 422 ft
3 LDS Office Building 128 m / 420 ft
4 95 State at City Creek 119.8 m / 393 ft

Who owns the Wells Fargo building in Utah?

Now the former American Stores office tower has a new owner, a new tenant and a new name — all in one week. “I got my name on it two days,” said building owner Dell Loy Hansen, whose Logan-based Wasatch Property Management finalized the $78.5 million purchase of the tower from Albertson’s Inc. Monday.

What is the address for the Wells Fargo Plaza?

/ 29.7584396; -95.3682630 The Wells Fargo Plaza, formerly the Allied Bank Plaza and First Interstate Bank Plaza, is a skyscraper located at 1000 Louisiana Street in Downtown Houston, Texas in the United States .

What is the history of Wells Fargo Plaza?

Wells Fargo Plaza’s Logo. It was designed by Richard Keating, FAIA, while a partner of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. In 1983, the building lost a large number of windows during Hurricane Alicia. Originally named the Allied Bank Plaza, it was renamed to the First Interstate Bank Plaza in 1988.

Who is leasing the Wells Fargo Plaza?

In 2007, CB Richard Ellis became the exclusive leasing agent for Wells Fargo Plaza. As of October of that year the building was 91% leased. The leased space consists mostly of large tenants, with some mid-sized tenants occupying space. In December 2014, PwC moved into the offices formerly occupied by Dynegy.

What is there to do at Wells Fargo Plaza?

Amenity rich, Wells Fargo Plaza is in proximity of over 50 dining, shopping, gas/grocery, and services within a 2-mile drive-time radius.

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