How many children did Wang Lung have in The Good Earth?

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How many children did Wang Lung have in The Good Earth?

His excessive pride is his tragic flaw, as his actions often reflect on his position among others in his society and his position compared to the Hwang family. He has a total of six children, three sons and three daughters, but the second daughter, born during a severe famine, is strangled by O-Lan shortly after birth.

What happened to daughter in The Good Earth?

Second Daughter O-lan kills this daughter as soon as she is born. She is born right in the middle of the famine, so there was no way she was going to make it through the trek South. O-lan kills her to spare her suffering, to make the trip easier, or both.

How many kids did o-LAN have?

Although she is not beautiful, O-lan is extremely patient, hard working, resourceful, and faithful. She gives birth to three sons and three girls, and five children survive. She knows that Wang Lung can never love her, but is extremely loyal to him.

Who is the second son in The Good Earth?

Nung Wen
Second Son (Nung Wen) and His Wife Timeline and Summary The second son is born, but no one cares. When the family moves to the South, the second son becomes a thief and begins to love money. The second son whines until Wang Lung lets him go to school.

What is Wang Lung’s biggest fault when it comes to his children?

Wang Lung poured silver into their hands. What was Wang Lung’s biggest regret concerning Olan? he wished he had not taken the two pearls from Olan.

What does the eldest son do to the house of Hwang?

Wang Lung’s oldest son comes up with the suggestion that Wang Lung rent the old great house of the Hwang family and allow the family of Wang Lung’s uncle to stay in the present house. Wang Lung’s second son supports the idea, and Wang Lung rents the house.

What did his daughter tell Wang Lung that O-lan said?

She tells her father that O-lan said that if her feet are not bound, her husband will not love her, just as Wang Lung does not love O-lan. Wang Lung is stung with guilt at these words.

What does Wang Lung’s uncle ask of Wang Lung for his daughter’s dowry?

Wang Lung’s uncle comes with men from town to ask Wang Lung to sell some of his land; the uncle thinks that he can force Wang Lung into selling for a low price, even though the uncle himself gave Wang Lung a great deal of advice about the importance of helping one’s relatives.

What happened to the second wife on The Good Earth?

O-Lan’s health and morale deteriorate, and she eventually dies just after witnessing her first son’s wedding. Wang Lung finally appreciates her place in his life as he mourns her passing. Wang Lung and his family move into town and rent the old House of Hwang.

What made Wang Lung decide to send his sons to school?

Ashamed of his own illiteracy, Wang decides to send his oldest son to school. The second son, who is always quick to complain, whines that he wants to go to school too, and Wang Lung agrees. At school, the boys are called Nung En and Nung Wen.

What did Wang Lung realize about his second son?

Wang Lung’s second son, who has never struck his father as interested in marriage, astonishes Wang Lung by expressing a well-considered desire to marry a hardworking, frugal village woman from a landed family. Wang Lung readily agrees, and his second son is betrothed to a woman recommended by Ching.

How did Wang Lung propose to control his son?

How did Wang Lung propose to control his son? He planed for him to have an arranged marriage.

What does ching give to Wang Lung during the famine?

Ching took part in the attack on Wang Lung’s home, and now, feeling guilty, he gives Wang Lung a handful of beans. O-lan gives birth to another daughter. This time, she strangles the baby so that it will not be an impossible burden on the family.

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