How long should speaker wires be?

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How long should speaker wires be?

For 6-ohm speakers 16AWG wire is recommended for runs up to 36 feet and 10 or 12AWG wire for runs up to 150 feet. If you are using 8-ohm speakers, 16 AWG wire is recommended for runs up to 48 feet and 10 or 12AWG wire for runs up to 200 feet.

How far can you run 12 gauge speaker wire?

Speaker wire of 14 gauge is good for an 80-foot run, and 12 gauge is good for 120 feet.

How far can you run 18 gauge speaker wire?

For most low power home or car speakers (not subwoofers) 18 gauge (18AWG) is fine. 18AWG wire is good for about 50 watts for 4 ohms and 100 watts for 8 ohm loudspeakers up to 50 feet (15 m) or 100 feet (30 m) respectively. For higher power systems or longer lengths, 16 gauge is a great choice.

Should speaker wires be as short as possible?

Transmission line effects at the typical length of speaker cables should be ignored. As a rule of thumb, we always recommend keeping cable lengths as minimal as possible, but not too short that it compromises accessibility to equipment.

Does speaker wire need to be the same length?

Speaker cables do not need to be the same length. It may seem logical that using speaker wires of the same length would result in a more consistent electrical current, the truth is it doesn’t matter. Unless there is a substantial length difference of over 30 meters, the impact is unnoticeable.

Are shorter interconnects better?

Regardless of the cost of interconnect and speaker cables, it is always better to make the interconnects shorter and the speaker cable longer. Inexpensive interconnects should be limited to 1 meter or shorter overall based upon 1/2 the maximum length guidelines.

What is the maximum distance of speaker wire?

While in theory heavier wire can have longer runs, recommended household audio lengths should not exceed 50 feet (15 m). The gauge numbers in SWG (standard wire gauge) and AWG (American wire gauge) reduce as the wire gets larger.

Is it OK to extend speaker wire?

Although lower gauge wire can theoretically be extended over long distances, it’s recommended that you don’t run any speaker wire longer than 50 feet. If you need to run a wire further than this, it is highly recommended that you use wiring that is 12 gauge or less.

Can RCA cables be too long?

Longer wire means more resistance and less voltage. But in your case probably insignificant amount. Long runs increase the chances of unwanted signal being introduced into unbalanced I/O. Also probably not a problem for you.

Do long RCA cables affect sound quality?

Yes, cable length does matter when it comes to sound quality, and it is something you will need to consider. However, the extent to which this is true varies from situation to situation. The good news is the cables you already have are probably fine even if they are long.

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