How long does it take to recover from microfracture knee surgery?

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How long does it take to recover from microfracture knee surgery?

Recovery time can be slow. Many people can go back to sports or other intense activities in about 9 to 12 months. Athletes in very intense sports may not be able to return to their former level. People under age 40 with a recent injury often have the best results.

Is microfracture surgery serious?

As a result, most patients need to use crutches after surgery, often a knee brace will be recommended, and in some situations, a motion machine to bend the knee may be used. Microfracture surgery of the knee is a safe procedure with minimal risks. Persistent pain despite surgical intervention is the main concern.

How long does a microfracture surgery last?

The surgery is quick (typically lasting between 30 and 90 minutes), minimally invasive, and can have a significantly shorter recovery time than an arthroplasty (knee replacement). Chronic articular cartilage defects do not heal spontaneously.

How successful is microfracture knee surgery?

Microfracture is 80% successful in producing significant pain relief and improvement in the ability to return to sports, even at the professional level. Fifteen to twenty per cent of patients are not helped by the knee surgery procedure and may go on to need another procedure including some type of joint replacement.

Can I walk after microfracture surgery?

Usually you are unable to bear weight on the affected leg for at least 6 weeks following surgery. You will likely require crutches to get around. Usually after an initial period of non-weight bearing to the surgical leg, you will be allowed to slowly progress back to normal activities.

Do you wear a brace after microfracture surgery?

You may be issued a brace depending on which part of your knee had the microfracture. You may not need a brace until you increase your activity. If you receive a brace, you may remove it to apply ice and to use the CPM machine, otherwise use as instructed by your physician.

When can I walk after knee microfracture?

Patients will be advised to use crutches for 4 – 6 weeks when the injury is located at the top of their tibia or is sustained at the end of the femur. If the microfracture injury is on the patella (kneecap), then all motion must be limited with no bending of the knee for as long as Dr.

When can I walk after microfracture?

It can take 4 – 7 months before patients can return to regular activity levels, and up to a year for an athlete to return to intense training or competition. Take all the time you need.

How do you sleep after microfracture surgery?

The best sleeping position just after your surgery is sleeping on your back. You should make sure that your operative leg stays as straight as possible to avoid hypertension of the knee and keep proper blood flow to the surgery site. If you are sleeping on your back, put the pillow under your calf and knee.

Does microfracture hurt?

After microfracture has been performed in the patella (kneecap) and the trochlear groove (the groove on the femur in which the patella glides during motion), some patients may develop mild transient pain. Small changes in the articular surface of the patellofemoral joint may produce a grating or “gritty” sensation.

How long is non weight bearing after microfracture?

Multiple clinical studies on microfracture have shown good to excellent results by requiring 2 to 8 weeks of nonweightbearing and then progressing to full weightbearing starting at 4 to 8 weeks.

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